Squats and Box Jumps – Workout Of The Month

How to do a squat, how to do a box jump, leg exercise
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Squats and Box Jumps

It’s about time for that monthly shake up to your workout routine. This month’s workout is all about the legs. If you missed out on last month’s workout with the towel fly, check that out here.

Skimping out on legs at the gym is something a lot of people do – which is a shame because legs and hips (aside from the core) are the foundation of everything you do. This month’s workout will bring your legs up to speed – and if they’re already up to speed, then add this in to your workout three times a week to give your legs a boost.

The Workout
Squats + box jumps.

Sounds simple right? We’re going to be performing 10 reps of your 75% max load that you can do. How do you find out what 75% of your max weight is? That’s simple, work your way up to whatever you can do with one rep and multiply that by 0.75. So if your max weight is 200lbs you multiply that by 0.75 and you end up with 150.

The Squat
Rack the weights and stand with feet shoulder width apart and pull your shoulder blades together. Lower your hips under the bar until your hips and legs are at 90 degrees of the floor – keeping your head up and chest up, push your legs into the floor and explode up. That’s one rep, nine more to go. If using weights is a little much, stick to body weight squats or use some dumb bells at your side.

More on how to do a squat here:

The Box Jumps
As soon as you finish your ten reps with the squat you’ve got 60 seconds to complete as many box jumps as you can within that time.

Rest for 60 seconds. Do three repetitions total. If two weeks in you feel like your body is adjusting, bump up the squat weight to 85% of your one rep max. Throw this exercise into your regular workout routine to mix it up – three times a week.

Enjoy this month’s workout!

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