On A Personal Note: Using The Seasons To Start New Goals

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Setting New Goals For Fall

I’m big on goals. Without goals, there’s no direction. Without goals there’s no growth and without growth it’s only possible to be stagnant. I have a strange thing I like to do where I set my goals to revolve around the seasons. I do this for a couple of reasons:

1. Seasons are a great reference point: with each seasons there always comes new challenges. I’ll use winter to get my year started off right for new goals for the year, Spring to re-evaluate where I’m headed, then before I know it, it’s Fall. Fall is a great way to end the year on a strong note.
2. Nature Is A Great Reminder: Nature and specifically the change in seasons is one of the best reminders that nothing is constant. If you stay the same and never change, you’re never going to grow. You’re never going to get better.
3. 90 Days: Each season lasts roughly 90 days or so. It’s the perfect amount of time to set goals, develop new habits, and re-evaluate where your new goals are taking you – just in time for you to set new goals for new dreams.

The Summer Of Strength

Seasons are one of my favorite ways to evaluate fitness goals. The majority of my spring had been spent training for the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. With my fitness goals being more geared towards endurance and circuit type of training I realized I had lost some strength along the way.

Summer Came At The Right Time

After the race I decided that I would spend the summer working on increasing my strength. Hence, The Summer Of Strength. My goals were to increase my strength in basic lifts. Here’s how it panned out: Over the season of about 90 days or so I increased my squat by 65 pounds, my bench press by 40 pounds, my deadlift by 75 pounds, and my overhead press by 20 pounds.

While it may not seem like much (or maybe it does), it was a big deal to me. Endurance has always been one of my stronger points as opposed to strength but I wanted to turn the tables.

Setting Goals With The Seasons

Each season has about 90 days or so. These 90 days provide a perfect time frame to dream up, execute, and then evaluate goals. The seasons are also a constant reminder of change and how change is good. Keeping the same routine causes a lack of growth. My 90 day goals aren’t just limited to fitness. While it’s important to set physical goals, it’s also important to set family/relationship goals, professional goals, personal development goals, financial goals, and whatever other goals you can think of.

Go Hard For 90 Days

The first few weeks of the 90 days is most likely spent developing new habits of new goals. During that time, you may also have to tweak your goals. The full 90 days allows for some flexibility yet enough time to go give 110% to goals without getting burnt out (more about that below). It’s also a significant amount of time for one to evaluate any changes (either positive or negative) that come of it.

Remember To Rest

Change is good but it can also be exhausting. An important thing that I do with the change of each season is to take a good week off to reevaluate and recuperate from the work that I’ve been putting in to my goals. It’ll give my body some time to heal itself and I’ll also spend some time mentally preparing for new goals. Also, let’s face it, we all need a well deserved break every now and again. Not allowing yourself some peace of mind can lead to burnout. Your 90 day goal may be a stepping stone to get you to a yearly or even 5 year goal but you don’t want to get so burnt out that you forget why you’re working so hard in the first place. Give yourself a break, you deserve it.

Setting New Goals For Fall

1. Write down your goals: You need to know what you’re working on
2. Begin with the end in mind: Sometimes you need to make smaller goals to get to your big goals
3. Plan your days: The more likely you are to plan your days the more likely you are to accomplish everything you set out to do
4. Evaluate: You need to evaluate your goals frequently, but don’t become obsessed with them. Reflect on your goals once a week and adjust yourself accordingly

Personal Fitness Goals For The Fall

I’m using Fall to keep the end in mind. My end is the So. Cal. Super Spartan It’s time to keep my body from getting bored and time to increase my strength endurance. My goal is to get in the best shape of my life for this race.

What about you? How do you plan your goals? What goals do you have going forward into fall?

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  • http://motivating-minutes.blogspot.com/ Airi

    Nice goal, This is really sounds good that will drive to be motivated

  • http://www.stefghanistan.com Stefanie

    My goal: Completing the Bodybuilding.com’s 2013 Military Challenge. Staying consistent in recording my food intake (micro & macro nutrients) & my exercise log, ie. record daily.

  • http://yourlivingbody.com Your Living Body

    Good luck with your goal! Let us know how you do!


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