Tips For Staying Healthy On Halloween

staying healthy during halloween
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Halloween is pretty much synonymous with the word indulgence. For children, it’s a time where they look forward to enjoying many kind of sweet treats. For adults, they usually have one out of two options: if you have a family you usually partake with your activities of your children handing out candy or enjoying the festivities. Adults have the other option of dressing up themselves and going out for the night to enjoy some of their own fun. Here are some tips on staying healthy on Halloween.

Tips For Staying Healthy On Halloween

1. Buy Candy You Don’t Like

It’s always easier not eat something if you don’t like it. If you plan on passing out candy, buy some kind of candy that you don’t like. Not a fan of coconut? Buy some candy that has coconut in it. Prefer chocolate over fruity hard candies? Buy the fruity hard candies instead. If you have children, find something that you both don’t prefer.

2. Buy Candy At The Last Minute

It’s okay to procrastinate sometimes. If the only reason you’re buying candy is to pass it out when kids ring the doorbell, then it’s okay to wait until the last minute to buy it. Not only will you likely catch some candy sales but think of it this way: the longer you go without having candy in the house the longer you will be able to go without being tempted by having it around. Which brings me to my next point…

3. Take The Leftovers To Work

After the day is over, get rid of all the candy you have in your house. One easy solution is to take whatever you have leftover and leave it in the work break room. Out of sight out of mind.

4. Plan Ahead For Activity

We all know that Halloween starts to kick things into gear for events leading all the way into the New Year. What that means is more food, more drinks, and more sweets. If you know you have something coming up, plan ahead to make sure you have time scheduled for activity. Offset some of your indulgence with physical activity so you can help stay on track.

5. Eat Beforehand

What you don’t want to do is be around empty calories on an empty stomach. When you’re in this situation you’re even more likely to indulge – and even more likely to fill your stomach with whatever kind of Halloween treats you have around your house.

6. Make Your Own Healthy Treats

If you’re hosting an event or even looking to eliminate the candy options – try cooking something yourself. Give chocolate zucchini muffins a try or try chocolate coffee cookies. The point is, sometimes it’s easier to stay healthy when you know what’s in your food. Still, don’t over indulge. A treat is a treat.

Did we miss a tip for staying healthy on Halloween? Please share below. Have a good Halloween!
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