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On A Personal Note: The 2014 Camp Pendleton Mud Run

Camp Pendleton Mud Run, How To Train For A Race

I really hate running. Out of all the things fitness related it probably ranks up there as one of the things I look forward to the least (okay, maybe burpees). Ironically, I love mud runs. Something about them makes it not seem like just straight forward running to me. Maybe it brings me the competitive drive for me to compete with myself. This year I plan on once again doing the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. Here’s how I plan on beating my time from last year.

On A Personal Note: My Thoughts On Crossfit



Is Crossfit For You?

Over the last decade or so, Crossfit has been gaining a lot of traction amongst enthusiasts in the fitness community. I actually have quite a few friends that are VERY into it and have been urging me to try it for a while. So, I finally did. Here are my thoughts: