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The Week In Health and Fitness News

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This week’s edition of the best and worst in health and fitness news is out. This week: Recipe of the week featuring: broccolini paleo flat bread. See what happens when someone gives up dairy for five weeks. Check out the latest drinking game. Do nicotine patches help pregnant women kick the habit of smoking? Must have blood tests. Does smoking pot around kids make someone a bad parent? All that and more…

Are E Cigarettes Healthy?

are e cigarettes bad for you


Are E-Cigarettes Bad For You?

E cigs, vapor cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes, fake cigarettes, electronic cigarettes – whatever you want to call them, they’re gaining in popularity but are they bad for you? If you follow our Health and Fitness News you might’ve seen that they’ve been in the news quite a bit lately. The Centers For Disease Control has found that E Cigs have been gaining in popularity amongst adolescents from sixth to twelfth grade (1) and a French study has found that E Cigarettes contain certain levels of carcinogens comparable to levels found in regular cigarettes – formalydehyde anyone (2)?