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The Best and Worst Health and Fitness News From The Week


Time for the best and worst Health and Fitness News from the week. This weeks edition: the week’s best health and fitness deals, the recipe of the week featuring slow cooker chicken chili and bacon bolognese spaghetti squash, how antibiotic resistance came to be, how your body can benefit from the different types of stretching, how many steps you need to take to curb the effects of drinking one soda, and how potassium can help prevent strokes. All that and much much more!

Will The New FDA Nutrition Label Changes Help You Lose Weight?

proposed food label changes

What The Proposed Nutrition Label Changes Mean For You

It has been twenty years since the FDA rolled out with their first set of nutrition labels. The intent was to help educate the public to make healthier choices. The result: the United States has gotten even more unhealthy and chronic disease are a major problem for the aging population. Now the FDA is looking at overhauling the current nutrition. The bottom line: do you think the new nutrition label changes will help you make healthier food choices?