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How To Avoid Foodborne Illness

foodborne illness

For anyone who has ever had foodborne illness you know how horrible it can make you feel and how you’ll never want to experience food poisoning again. I’ve had the illness a few times – once from eating contaminated scallops. Another time from eating contaminated strawberries. Each time it was an agonizing twenty-four hours. I hope you never have to experience such a similar feeling but the odds are stacked against you. Here are some tips on avoiding foodborne illness.

Reader Story – The Little Ferraro Kitchen

smaantha little ferraro kitchen


Little Ferraro Kitchen

This story is from a YLB reader who has a passion for healthy living and not only that but cooking. Oddly enough, I went to the same high school as this person and ended up losing touch with her throughout the years. Turns out our passion for sharing our interests via the blog world has allowed us to reconnect again. Samantha is has her own cooking blog titled The Little Ferraro Kitchen. Some reader stories contain general advice about health and personal development. Others can be examples of how a YLB reader achieved success or failure. Want to submit your own reader story?

I am so thrilled to be writing with Your Living Body. My name is Samantha and I run the food blog, The Little Ferraro Kitchen , where I create and write cultural recipes and food photography. I have a degree in Public Health, but it is ultimately food, cooking, and healthy eating that thrives my passion.