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Will The New FDA Nutrition Label Changes Help You Lose Weight?

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What The Proposed Nutrition Label Changes Mean For You

It has been twenty years since the FDA rolled out with their first set of nutrition labels. The intent was to help educate the public to make healthier choices. The result: the United States has gotten even more unhealthy and chronic disease are a major problem for the aging population. Now the FDA is looking at overhauling the current nutrition. The bottom line: do you think the new nutrition label changes will help you make healthier food choices?

How Many Calories Do You Need?

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How Many Calories Do You Need In A Day?

When it comes to your fitness and overall health goals it comes down to one thing – calorie intake. What’s a calorie? In a lab, it’s the amount of energy required when something is heated to make 1 gram of water rise 1 degree. For simplicity sake, (and because our bodies aren’t really a lab) it’s the amount of potential energy that food has. For example, that slice of pizza you’re holding on to has the potential of 500 calories. With that, your body will either use it (a.k.a burn calories) or store it for future use in the form of fat.