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Due to the volume of emails getting, I may not have the time to respond to all emails or inquiries. Nutrition and health advice is generally not given via email responses. If you’re interested in individual coaching, please see a list of services we offer so that we can work on an individualized patient plan of care for your specific needs.

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Some items on this website are used to generate revenue for the maintenance of the website and for my time invested. These are third party vendors. For any information collected through these vendors at the time of sale, please see their individual privacy policy as theirs is completely separate from mine.

This website also uses Google AdSense* and Amazon Affiliate sales*. If you ever visit a site on via an AdSense ad I receive (literally a few pennies). Your Living Body also receives a small percentage of the purchase price on any products you purchase through Amazon including items that you purchased that I didn’t directly link to.

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If I am ever given something for free, I will tell you that I got it for free. For everything else, I recommend it because I either use or have used the product or I strongly believe in the product itself.

The Federal Trade Commission requires that I tell you this. Why? I’m not so sure. Apparently they think you’re not smart enough as a consumer to make your own purchase decisions online.

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For our policies in regards to guest posting, please see our guest blog policy.