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Paleo Pumpkin Pie; Best Health Deals This Week; When You Don’t Need To Go To The Gym; Saturated Fats Are Good; Energy Drinks Increase Insomnia In Athletes; Can Apples Reduce Obesity, and more.

Time for the best and worst Health and Fitness News from the week. This weeks edition: the week’s best health and fitness deals, the recipe of the week featuring Paleo pumpkin pie and paleo stuffed peppers. Also, how energy drinks can cause hyperalertness in athletes, the best health sales this week, how organic foods might be better for your body, how after school exercise can increase concentration in youth, and what’s all the fuss about apples reducing obesity? All that and much much more!

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Blast from our past: the five best food journal websites.

Sometimes, you just don’t need to go to the gym.

Recipe of the week featuring: mini Paleo pumpkin pie or Paleo stuffed peppers. Or if you’re looking for something more simple, there’s always the chopped avocado, cucumber, and beet salad.

Best Weekly Health Deals

The Best Health and Fitness News This Week

There’s one way organically grown foods may offer greater health benefits than non-organically grown food. Conventional grown food is found to have higher results of an element known as cadmium. A lifetime of exposure to cadmium can cause kidney and heart issues. Organically grown foods can be up to forty-eight percent lower in cadmium. The body, like mercury, has a difficult time removing the metal. Fortunately, dietary sources of zinc help inactivate cadmium. So if organic isn’t your thing, eat your oysters.

For a while, advice in the dietary/health community has been that saturated fats are bad. The mantra has been shifting for a while but most healthcare professionals have not yet caught up. When saturated fats are replaced with carbohydrates there is no reduction in cardiovascular disease.

Struggling with attention deficit disorder in children? Or maybe you’re just concerned with overall health. An hour of exercise after school each day helps to boost a child’s concentration.

While energy drinks may help athletes boost their performance, they also are more likely to cause insomnia and nervousness and an overall heightened sense of stimulation for hours afterwards.

Need help getting motivated when it comes to fitness in your life? Keeping your eyes on the prize can make exercise easier. This is one of the reasons I’m big on signing up for 5k races or other events if possible. Writing down goals is another way to stick to things – or try buying an outfit you want to fit into one day to help you with your motivation.

The Worst Health and Fitness News This Week

Need some promotion of gut bacteria? Granny Smith apples can help boost gut bacteria. Unfortunately the media has run away with the story and retitled it, “Apples Can Reduce Obesity.”

On a study involving online dietary/fitness journals, a study revealed that on Thursdays through Sundays, people consume more alcohol on days that they exercise. The results of this study likely has more to do with people having more time off to do two things: work out – and booze up. The study doesn’t offer anything surprising as it’s long been estimated that it’s during the weekends when people “fall off the wagon” and consume more calories that help contribute to waistlines. This has been an issue plaguing professionals involved working to help individuals lose weight. Most people don’t factor in additional calories from alcohol and not only that, alcohol inhibits muscle regeneration and limits strength building.

That’s all for this week. Did we miss something? Leave a comment.

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