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National Nutrition Month 2015: Reasses Your Plate

March is National Nutrition Month sponsored by the American Dietetic Association and if you answer yes to any of these questions, you should use this time to get yourself back on track and headed in the right direction.

National Nutrition Month 2015

March is National Nutrition Month – a campaign created annually by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This year the theme for National Nutrition Month is, “Bite Into A Healthy Lifestyle.” The theme encourages everyone to adopt eating and physical activity plans that are centered around taking in less calories, making better food choices, and getting daily exercise. The end goal is to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and promote overall health. While not everyone may agree with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (sponsorship from companies like Coca-Cola and known for overly promoting high carbohydrate based diets), National Nutrition Month is still a great time to stop to take a moment to reflect on what exactly you’re eating.

So if you’ve got some work to do, fallen off the wagon a bit, and want to get back on track, National Nutrition Month is the perfect way to kick start that engine and use it as motivation to help you get back on track again.

  • Have you been spending more time on the couch and been checking in less and less at the gym?
  • Has your pancreas been working overtime to process an overabundance of sugars?
  • Have your occasional splurges become a nightly affair?
  • Have your plate sizes gone from big to bigger?
  • Are you in dire need of some Vitamin D from being in doors too long?
  • Is your plate too full of other distractions in your life that time for physical activity no longer fits on your plate?
  • Have you been spending more time with chocolate and wine than you have vegetables?
  • Have you been avoiding the perimeter of your grocery store and spending more time browsing the ice cream section?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, use National Nutrition Month to go do something different. Go check out your local farmer’s market. Revist the perimeter of your supermarket and enjoy the amazing fresh fruit that starts to come out this time of year. Go revisit the gym. Go for a hike. Get some sunlight. Share your goals with a friend who can help motivate you to stay on track. Last of all, if you’ve been staying on track but find yourself staying stagnant or you’re just having tough time reaching your goals, consider professional help and find someone who can get you out of your rut.

Enjoy National Nutrition Month!


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