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This story is from a YLB reader who has a passion for healthy living and not only that but cooking. Oddly enough, I went to the same high school as this person and ended up losing touch with her throughout the years. Turns out our passion for sharing our interests via the blog world has allowed us to reconnect again. Samantha is has her own cooking blog titled The Little Ferraro Kitchen. Some reader stories contain general advice about health and personal development. Others can be examples of how a YLB reader achieved success or failure. Want to submit your own reader story?

I am so thrilled to be writing with Your Living Body. My name is Samantha and I run the food blog, The Little Ferraro Kitchen , where I create and write cultural recipes and food photography. I have a degree in Public Health, but it is ultimately food, cooking, and healthy eating that thrives my passion.

Matt and I actually have some history together, since we both went to high school in Hawaii together! I even think we are next to each other in the alphabetized class yearbook photos, but I’m not brave enough to find that out. And finally, nearly ten years later, a college degree and marriage…we have reconnected with our passion for healthy living.

I have to be honest. I did not grow up in a “healthy” home. Exercise and healthy living were not part of my lifestyle. I snacked on colored liquids and salty fun-packs. I think I joined the tennis team in high school for about a week and couldn’t tell you the difference between a vitamin and mineral. It wasn’t until I was late in my 20’s and in college that a healthy and active lifestyle became a regular part of my world.

Physical Challenge

One of the biggest challenges that I just conquered was my first triathlon. Well, sprint triathlon! Within the last 2 years, I have succeeded in finishing two 5k’s and felt like I was ready for the next big obstacle. My little beach town in Southern California hosts a sprint beach triathlon every year. I remember viewing the spectators last year and wishing I could feel what they felt. The energy, the excitement, the exhaustion. I wanted to be one of those athletes. But as I watched them heave and pant, I wondered if my semi-conditioned body could handle such endurance. So far I have only trained for 40 minutes slow runs and that is WITH months and months of training under my belt.

Months after I watched that first race, I would fantasize about finishing such a humongous goal, standing on that stage with my shiny medal. It was a few months before I turned 30 and I knew that this would be the perfect birthday gift to myself. To finish a triathlon.

I signed up in May and the race was set for October and nine days before my 30th birthday. I was skeptical because I haven’t done any ocean swimming and for crying out loud, the only bike I ride on is a single speed beach cruiser.

Training Day

In July, training began. I have a friend who finished the triathlon last year and knows the ocean waters well. We started slow, paced and took our time. I began to learn the ocean and how mother nature worked and her pattern. We trained three times a week for three months. I learned words such as “brick-training” and “intervals”. We pounded the soft sand all summer and jumped into the ocean with other surfers. Those were the best 3 months I have ever had.

Race Day


Race day was amazing and tiring. I recited everything we had practiced and got a charge from watching the other athletes. I gave myself a goal of finishing in 2 hours and you know what…my finish time was exactly 1:50.

That was the longest endurance session I have ever done. But I never felt so proud. I just finished swimming 600 meters, 7 mile bike ride and 2 mile sand run. I finished with other top-athletes and tri-athletes that have finished Ironman’s.

And I can’t wait to sign up for next year. Goal: under 1:50.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story! This was one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced. It was a long commitment and I have a new respect for these athletes.


Do you have a story you’d like to share about personal success? Feel free to share it by . Don’t forget to check out Samantha’s blog, The Little Ferraro Kitchen.

Discussion: Have you ever taken on a physical challenge? What things did you learn?

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