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I’m Back – And does it feel better than ever!

You might have noticed that I’ve been missing in action for a while – facing a pending divorce will do that to a person. For those of you who have been down this road and are currently going down this road, it sucks doesn’t it? It’s time consuming, emotionally and mentally draining, and quite honestly, it’s hard to see that the glass is half-full at times. With all the negativity, it’s important to remind ourselves of things to look forward to instead of looking back on too much of the past. This is better late than never, but here are some things in 2016 to look forward to when it comes to health, fitness, and nutrition.

Five Health Trends To Look Forward To In 2016

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

Who doesn’t love a little nationalism from time to time? Starting August 5th Rio will be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics. The media will be full of inspirational stories behind athletes and the sacrifice that they go through to excel and be the best athletes the world gets to watch. Records will be broken. Dreams will be shattered. Use this time to watch some amazing competition and then use it to inspire you in your own walk with health.

Leap Day!

It’s only every four years we get to add an extra day to the calendar. How can you use the extra day this year to do something better for your life? An extra day to do something for someone else, eat healthier, or get out and exercise. Carpe diem!

Good-bye Trans Fats

In the summer of 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that trans-fats are not generally recognized as safe. What does this mean for everyone here in the United States? It means that the FDA is requiring food companies to remove partially dehydrogenated oils (the fats responsible for trans-fat) from their products. Trans-fats are formed by splitting fat molecules to make the fatty acid chains artificially longer so that foods are preserved longer on shelves. The making of trans fats prevents fat rancidity from oxidation. For more on how trans fats are made see here.

More Fitness Wearables

According to the International Data Corporation, fitness wearables that track things like caloric expenditure and heartrate are growing at an alarming rate (1). The trend is going to continue deep into 2019 according to the company. What this means for you: better awareness and knowledge about your body and with more devices in production, hopefully cheaper prices (right?).

More Probiotics!

The link between healthy gut bacteria and associations with chronic diseases continues to mount in the research field. Essentially, the healthier your gut, the less likely you are to have cancer, diabetes, heart problems, and suffer from overall systemic inflammation. Look for a push in popularity in probiotics over the course of 2016.


1. N.a. “Fuled By Popular Demand for Smart Wearables, IDC Forcasts Worldwide Wearable Shipments To Reach 173.4 Million by 2019.” International Data Corporation. 14 September 2015. Web. 2 February 2016.


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