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Time for the best and worst Health and Fitness News from the week. This weeks edition: one in twenty-five hospitalized patients catches a hospital infection. Paleo recipe of the week featuring primal raspberry cupcakes. Obese teens have increased cellular aging. Should “junk food” ads be banned until 9pm at night? All that and more.

Health and Fitness News Via The Blog World

Is it possible to build muscle with nothing but dumbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight? Pretty obvious but I won’t spoil it for you…

Paleo recipe of the week featuring Primal Raspberry Cupcakes. Mmm…

Blast from our past: Is long distance running really bad for your heart?

The Best Health and Fitness News

1. Great editorial that begs the question, “evidence supports it, so why are parents still reluctant to vaccinate their children?”

2. It’s no secret that putting forces on bone through exercise helps to maintain healthy bone density but exercise also benefits children too. Children should get at least twenty minutes of weight bearing exercise through their play (jump rope, running, getting outside…you know, things kids used to do).

3. More news on the obesity front: obese teens with high salt intake have higher rates for cellular aging.” Obesity in any population makes the body more sensitive to salt and increases inflammation in the body. Despite what you may hear from the Paleo bandwagon, it’s not okay to not keep an eye on your salt intakes. On the flip side, normal weight children in this study with high salt intakes had lower rates of cellular aging.

4. There is some truth to the saying that if you go into a hospital you can come out sicker than when you went in.

5. Rough day for the Pelletier family and her daughter. For those who have been following my posts about Justina Pelletier you can read more here. However, this week a judge ruled to permanently give custody to the state of Massachusetts. Stay tuned for more.

The Worst Health and Fitness News This Week

1. Should junk food ads be banned from television until 9pm? An advocacy group out of Britain seems to think so. They want all advertising banned from television until the later hours when kids are likely to be asleep. Apparently now television is to blame for obesity.

Here’s why I say no: it is up to the PARENTS to make healthy choices. Businesses that run media are just businesses – they should be free to make money how they want (when it comes to food).

Healthy dinning options start with the parents at home. If parents don’t teach children healthy eating habits then it’s unlikely children will pick up good eating habits regardless of what’s on television.

2. A new movement is progressing with the hopes of stopping UK hospitals from burning aborted fetuses.

Wait, what?

Thousands of miscarried and aborted fetuses were burned along with medical waste at UK hospitals with some of the remains being used to heat medical facilities. According to news reports, at least 15,000 fetuses were burned.

So, my question is – how is a law needed that ban this sort of action? Isn’t there something built in to the minds of people that this is wrong to begin with?

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