Dirty Guac; Burning Fat By Lactic Acid Training; Shrinking Tumors With Exercise; Exercise Reduced ADHD and More

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Time for the best and worst Health and Fitness News from the week. This weeks edition: the week’s best health and fitness deals, the recipe of the week featuring dirty guacamole and mayo free coleslaw. Also, burning fat with lactic acid training, shrinking tumors through exercise, exercise reduced ADHD in children, expanding of American waistlines, and what kind of micro/macro-nutrients are associated with higher HDL levels. All that and much much more!

Health and Fitness News Via The Blog World

Our blast from the past: Why you should still count calories.

How to burn fat with lactic acid training.

What kind of micro and macro-nutrients are associated with dirty guacamole and mayo free coleslaw.

Best Health and Fitness News

It’s no secret that obesity is associated with high blood pressure. Researchers wanted to see the effects of small amounts of weights in healthy adults, however. Researchers found that even small amounts of weight gain (from five to seven pounds in 18-49 year olds) was enough to raise blood pressure on average of four points. Weight gain was related to fat gain not muscle mass.

Despite health and nutrition trends, American waistlines continue to grow.

A new study came out about artificial sweeteners that has been in the news. A study performed on mice found that artificial sweeteners can alter the gut microbes of mice leading to an increased risk for developing diabetes. Studies need to be performed on humans; but there is an association of risk for glucose intolerance and artificial sweeteners in humans.

Some research (including animal studies) has shown that the micronutrients vitamin E and selenium can help reduce age related cataracts in men. A new study came out invalidating these claims and found that vitamin E and selenium do not reduce age related cataracts. The study included over 11,000 men.

Exercise (obviously) has a plethora of health effects, including helping to reduce the size of tumors during chemotherapy. Researchers believe exercise brings increased bloodflow to the tumors which help to bring higher levels of chemo drugs to the tumor.

Struggling with ADHD in your child? Before school activity can help reduce ADHD symptoms.

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