The Best and Worst Health and Fitness News From The Week

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Time for the best and worst Health and Fitness News from the week. This weeks edition: the Paleo recipe of the week featuring Hawaiian pizza, why you need to stop slacking and have your children vaccinated, what a high sugar diet does to a diet already high in fats, foods to avoid if you have acne, and which state do you live in (the less sunny states put you at a higher risk for having melanoma) – all that much much more…

Health and Fitness News Via The Blog World

If you have acne, you might want to avoid these foods.

The recipes of the week featuring: Paleo Hawaiian Pizza from The Paleo Mom and Apple and Walnut Yogurt Parfait from Green Lite Bites.

Our blast from the past: does green tea help with weight loss?

The Best Health and Fitness News

If you haven’t noticed, the Paleo diet is getting more popular at treating multiple sclerosis.

In rats, adding a high sugar diet to a high fat diet (similar to that of an American diet, could be worst than JUST a high fat diet. Who would’ve thought? Given the current state of chronic diseases, I’d say that a diet like that is pretty detrimental to the health of humans also.

Most of us are well aware that too much sun exposure can be detrimental to our long term health. However, did you know that the least sunny states have the highest rates of Melanoma?

So really, childhood vaccines are safe And for the most part, you have no reason to not get one. The flu shot on the other hand is a complete different story…

The Worst Health and Fitness News

Why eating fruits and vegetables won’t make you thin – is the latest study to come from the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Public Health.

The reason: people don’t eliminate other foods in place of the fruits and vegetables.

It’s unfortunate the public has to sift through news like this (luckily I do it for you). It should go without saying, calories are calories (although fruit and vegetable calories are definitely better than some other types of caloreis). At the end of the day, eating extra calories (on top of what you’re already eating) is going to prevent you from hitting your weight loss goals.

My recommendation: Make fruits and vegetables a part of your diet but in doing so, take out some of the “bad.” Try ditching some of the extra pasta on your plate, or whatever it is that seems to be your kryptonite.

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