Does Green Tea Help With Weight Loss?

green tea weight loss
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Are you one that has ever fallen for the green tea weight loss craze? We take a look to see if there’s any truth to the claim that green tea helps with weight loss.

Does Green Tea Really Help With Weight Loss?

Where does this idea come from?

Google the words “does green tea help with weight loss” and you’ll get a gazillion results related to the topic. I’ve even heard about it personally from close friends – so where does this idea come from? Green tea contains both catechins and caffeine which are believed to have a role in increasing energy metabolism (1). By helping increase the rate at which a person can burn energy (calories), it’s then believed that by drinking green tea it may help with weight loss.

So with all the hoopla and few studies showing there may be some benefit to drinking green tea to aid with weight loss, does it hold up to the popular notion?

No. Not at all actually.

Two reviews of studies published on green tea have been done and they both found the same thing.

One study looked at fifteen different studies on green tea and found that on average BMI decreased 0.55 points, body weight decreased by 1.38 kilograms, and waist circumference by 1.93 centimeters. The waist to hip ratio remained unchanged. It should be noted that only green tea without caffeine did not show any beneficial results (2).

Another systematic review of research on weight loss and the tea found similar results. This review looked at green tea consumption over a twelve week span in overweight and obese adults. The results of weight loss were not clinically important and green tea had no significant effect on the maintenance of weight loss(1).

Summing Up Green Tea and Weight Loss

So what does this all mean? You definitely shouldn’t depend on green tea for weight loss. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink it. There are still many benefits to drinking green tea especially for its antioxidant content.

How To Use Green To To Aid In Weight Loss

Even though green tea has no significant effects on weight loss that doesn’t mean you can’t use green tea to help fight fat – it just has to be a part of the overall picture of a well balanced diet and regular physical activity.

Green tea selection is also as important as is overall nutrition and exercise. There are many green tea products on the market that contain artificial sweeteners and sugars that will cancel out many of the benefits that green tea has to offer.

So, in short, don’t look to green tea as the miracle weight loss tool but definitely include it in the overall picture of your health.

Discussion: Have you fallen for the weight loss green tea craze?

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