Will The New FDA Nutrition Label Changes Help You Lose Weight?

proposed food label changes
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What The Proposed Nutrition Label Changes Mean For You

It has been twenty years since the FDA rolled out with their first set of nutrition labels. The intent was to help educate the public to make healthier choices. The result: the United States has gotten even more unhealthy and chronic disease are a major problem for the aging population. Now the FDA is looking at overhauling the current nutrition. The bottom line: do you think the new nutrition label changes will help you make healthier food choices?

Why Is The FDA Making Nutrition Label Changes?

1. Increased Nutritional Science Awareness

With the evolution of nutritional sciences, the FDA recognized it’s time for change. One of the things they’re looking at is requiring food labels to contain information about added sugars. Other macronutrient changes include that the current, calories from fat label be removed. According to the FDA, research shows that the TYPE of fat matters more than the calories from fat.

As for vitamins and minerals, they too are getting a makeover. Potassium and Vitamin D are to now be included. Vitamins A and C will only be listed on a voluntary basis.

2. New Serving Size Requirements and New Labeling Requirements For Certain Packaging Sizes

It’s no secret that portion sizes have only grown since the food label conception twenty years ago. Now the serving size information must be based off of what people actually eat, not what they should be eating. So I guess the whole carton of Ben and Jerry’s will reflect what is in the whole thing, not just one fourth of it… The idea is to get packaged (processed) foods that are routinely eaten in one sitting to reflect the actual nutritional value in the whole thing.

Proposed Food Label Changes

current nutrition labelproposed food label changes

There you go. As you can see the calories were made a lot larger. Vitamin D and Potassium also made the list of important things. So next time you go to drink a 20oz bottle of coke (which I hope you wouldn’t) you can expect the serving size to be just one – insted of 1 and 1/2 (or whatever it is now).

My thoughts on the proposed nutrition label changes: It’s a welcome change. Twenty years is quite a bit of time to go without updating anything. I think it’s a great idea to have a serving size reflect the actual amount that people may consume. Will they really help people make healthier choices? That’s up to you.

The FDA hasn’t quite finalized the new labels yet – they’re giving the public ninety days to comment. If you have a suggestion for them, feel free to give the FDA a piece of your mind.

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