An Exercise You Need To Avoid On The Five Minute Desk Workout

I was recently presented with this video that has been gaining popularity. It is known as the “Five Minute Desk Workout.” However, here is one movement you shouldn’t do with this exercise.

One Movement You Shouldn’t Do On The Five Minute Desk Workout

As more and more time for activity decreases in our busy work schedules and time spent sitting increases, people are trying to get more creative in ways to get their heart rate moving while sitting. The Five Minute Desk Workout is a concept that has been growing in popularity as a way to mix up the sitting.

You can see the Five Minute Desk Workout Here:

Now, just to be clear, I’m all for mixing up the sitting, but there’s just one exercise you shouldn’t be doing on this video and it’s at the one minute mark. The exercise specialist recommends sitting sit-ups – cross that off your list and don’t do them. Try a plank instead. Sitting forward causes our muscles in the shoulders, abdomen, chest, hips, and back to shorten and pull the body forward even more. The tightness in the muscles can pull the pelvis forward, putting pressure on the spine which can cause lower back pain. Sit-ups in a desk chair only help reinforce the slouching position and tight muscles. Sitting for pro-longed periods can also lead to muscle weakness.

The fix: try the plank instead.


Yes, that’s right, get up out of your desk chair and assume the plank position. The longer you can hold it, the better. In fact, the longer you can hold a plank the less likely you are to suffer from chronic back pain issues. Enjoy your five minute desk workout – nix the sit ups and switch it to a plank position.


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