Happy Easter – Have An Egg!

easter egg benefits
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Happy Easter! For all of those people who are out there celebrating that Christ as risen (He has risen indeed), God bless. And for those of you that aren’t, well don’t let this day stop you from eating an egg. For those of you celebrating Christ, don’t let that stop you from eating an egg either. Here’s to eggs. Enjoy!

Health Benefits Of Eggs

Over the years through my education and experience as a registered nurse, I’ve learned quite a bit about eggs (and cholesterol). Here’s a little tribute to eggs. Enjoy. Did you know:

  • About half of the protein in eggs comes from the yolk
  • Eggs help prevent macular degeneration
  • Eggs help promote fetal development (eat up pregnant women)
  • Eggs are the best source of protein – meaning, no other food contains protein as easily absorbed and used by the body
  • Up to three eggs a day (including yolks) are not bad for you!
  • Egg consumption helps to prevent birth defects (again eat up pregnant women)
  • Eggs are great for the brain!
  • Eggs are a GREAT source of selenium (which helps to counteract any mercury you encounter throughout your day and is vital for metabolism).


Anyway, I love eggs. So eat up. And enjoy. Happy Easter. Have an egg instead of one of those plastic ones filled with candy.

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