Does One Beer Really Increase Your Risk For Prostate Cancer

Excessive alcohol consumption has been linked to several types of cancers, one of them being prostate cancer. Generally, it was understood that the more alcohol you drink the higher your risk for prostate cancer, but recent news suggests that just one beer can increase your risk for prostate cancer. SO what’s the deal? Will just one alcoholic beverage make your prostate cancerous?

Does One Beer Increase Your Risk For Prostate Cancer?

If recently saw any of these news headlines then you would know that is what a new peer reviewed study through BMC Cancer is suggesting.






Prior research suggested that moderate to high alcohol intakes only increased the risk of prostate cancer.

What Changed To Lead Researchers To Believe One Beer Increases Prostate Cancer Risk?

Prior studies and reviews included something called, an abstainer bias. Where people who were currently abstaining from alcohol were included in part of their research. What this group of research did was changed the definition of an abstainer. Previously, an abstainer was someone who wasn’t drinking alcohol at that specific moment in their life. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that people have never drank alcohol. So what this group did, was they included people who were currently abstaining, but had previously drank alcohol at some point in their life.

With a change in definition, the researchers reviewed all current research in regards to prostate cancer and alcohol.

What The Results Showed

At low levels of alcohol consumption between 1.3 grams of alcohol and 24 grams of alcohol per day, the risk of prostate cancer was twenty-three percent greater when compared to men who never drank. Keep in mind, the average alcohol content of a standard alcoholic beverage is about 14 grams.

One thing about the media claims: the increased risk of prostate cancer was true for all types of alcohol, not just limited to beer.

What Does This Mean For You?

Alcohol is linked to several types of cancers. In women, alcohol is a huge contributor to an increased risk of breast cancer. Prostate cancer is men’s breast cancer. If you’re concerned about a cancer risk, go easy on the alcohol. Also try coffee. Moderate coffee consumption of about three to five cups of coffee a day is associated with a decreased risk of prostate cancer.


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