where can I buy cricket bars

Where You Can Find The Best Exo Bars

Exo-flour is expected to grow into nearly a half-billion dollar industry within the next few years. With so many products starting to make an appearance onto the market, which exo-bar should you choose? This is your best bet.

Where You Can Find The Best Exo Bars

Crickets have always been around as a food source. In fact, the majority of the world eats them on a regular basis. Us Westerners just tend to prefer things like grass fed beef or large chunks of house cured bacon. But as famines sweep the globe and as we look to lower our carbon footprint, exo-protein is becoming an increasingly popular source of protein. Not only is it easy on the planet, but exo-protein is incredibly healthy.

For more details, check out the complete article: Top Reasons You Need To Try Cricket Flour Protein. But here’s a preview about exo-protein:

  • It’s more sustainable than other flours and proteins
  • Exo-protein is much, much higher of overall percentage of protein
  • Exo-protein is rich in many other nutrients – more so than some vegetables and other meats
  • It’s gluten free


The Best Exo Bars

One of the best Exo Bars is produced by a company called Exo. I’ve always liked this company because they’re run by two guys that put off grad school and managing a hedge fund because of their passion for developing a healthy, sustainable, protein bar. EXO only uses high quality ingredients in their products.  They offer a wide variety of flavors: cocoa nut, banana bread, apple cinnamon, blueberry vanilla, peanut butter and jelly, and more.  Flavors are important – but so ingredients. Like I’ve mentioned previously, EXO packs their protein bars with nothing but nutrients to help fuel your day, your workout, and your life.

exo nutrition label

Where You Can Find Exo Bars

Check out the company’s website for more information – you can get them delivered straight to your door:

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