Five Bad Gym Habits

gym habits
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Gym Habits You Shouldn’t Have

We’ve all been at the gym next to a person (or even across the room) from a person who violates our own personal space with their bad gym habits. Don’t end up doing some of these annoying gym habits.

1. The Shirtless Person

I was talking with my wife one evening and she was telling me that while she was at the gym there was a person (freak) working out in front of the weight rack without their shirt on. I thought it was odd that someone would do such a thing like that. Then I experienced it myself – someone walking around the gym without their shirt on. If you’ve ever been this person at the gym – just stop, stop right now. While someone might want to see your body at the beach nobody gives a crap in the gym. In fact, you make everyone want to throw up in the gym by forcing us to have to see you so just do us all a favor and put your shirt back on.

2. The Moaner

One of the worst bad gym habits involves the moaner. The moaner is a regular occurrence at the gym and I’ve never understood why people have this habit. They’ll usually cause me to turn up my iPod to even higher levels. If you’ve never come across a gym moaner I’ll tell you – they involve both men and women and it involves the pursing moving a set amount of weight. While they lift their weight they’ll moan, groan, pant, or make some other loud freakish noise causing everyone to turn their heads and wonder what the heck is going on. Unfortunately the attention they’re bringing upon themselves is not attention in a positive light. Instead, everyone is secretly laughing and making fun of them inside their head. Don’t let yourself be a moaner. It’s a horrible gym habit.

3. The person standing in front of the mirror

The gym mirror is there to help a person analyze and help them do proper form. It becomes a bad habit when you park yourself in front of the gym mirror. I’m surprised how oblivious people are sometimes. I’ll be wanting to use a weight off the weight rack but Captain Oblivious is standing right in front of the mirror behind the weight rack in front of the weight that I want to use. Great – now I can’t get to it. The worst part is that they don’t even notice they’re standing RIGHT ON TOP OF THE WEIGHT RACK. Do everyone a favor and take a few steps back. I promise you, you’ll still be able to see yourself in the mirror. If not, you might want to see the opthamologist. Don’t let yourself have this gym habit.

4. The person that never learned to clean their room

What’s incredibly sad to me is that there are grown adults that don’t know how to clean up after themselves in public place. This type of person can involve either a person who was doing a circuit or a person who was just lifting one set weight. What happens is I’ll be looking for a certain type of weight or gym equipment. I won’t be able to find it so I’ll assume someone is using it. I’ll let a significant amount of time go by and the gym equipment still hasn’t been returned to its home. I’ll end up on the other side of the gym and find it. It’s in a pile of weights next to a bunch of other gym equipment with nobody around. People – when you’re done using gym equipment put it back where it’s supposed to be so other people can use it! Other gym members don’t want to trip over the mess you left behind. So although your parents may have never taught you about self-responsibility, do everyone a favor and stop this bad gym habit.

5. The person that misuses gym equipment

This is a personal pet peeve of mine when it comes to bad gym habits. Each piece of gym equipment has its own functions for its own purpose. For example, the squat rack is for squats and the bench press rack is for bench presses. A lot of gyms have limited equipment. There is nothing worse when you’re wandering over to the three squat rack that the gym has and they’re all full but one of the people is using the squat rack to do bicep curls or is using the squat rack for they’re TRX equipment. Another bad gym habit is the person who uses the flat benches of the bench press machine to do tricep exercises on. Really people? Are you really that selfish? Someone might eventually kill you for hogging up the squat rack to work on your biceps.

Discussion: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to bad gym habits?

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