About Your Living Body

picMy name is Matt. I’m a registered nurse in San Diego with a background in nutrition and personal training. After taking time to learn about all the benefits that real food, balanced exercise, and a little mental health maintenance can do for a person I believe that people can completely change their life around by taking a proactive approach to their health. Here at Your Living Body, we also believe there needs to be a shift in healthcare that focuses on preventative health.

Primal Docs

I’m bleased to announce that in November of 2013 I partnered up with the Primal Docs Organization. The Primal Docs Organization is a network of healthcare providers that includes physicians, nurses, dietitians, and other healthcare practitioners that believe the key to health is found through educating patients on health prevention rather than disease maintenance. You can learn more by viewing my profile there

Your Living Body Mission

Your Living Body’s mission is to inspire and encourage you (the reader) to take control of your lifestyle by keeping you up to date and informed when it comes to health news, fitness, nutrition, mental health, and the many other things you need for healthy living.  In general, we want you to spend more time away from the doctor’s office.

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