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How I Reduced My Body Fat

Hello, my name is Robert, 32 years of age and *I work in an office. In most cases, I spend the better part of my day seated while working. I rarely have time to go out and do some exercises. Because of my job, it has had a large impact on my lifestyle as I gradually developed a substantial amount of body fat. Before I started on my goals I weight 176lbs – now down to my ideal of 143lbs. While it may sound like a big difference, it’s actually quite good for my frame of five feet and five inches. 

So, how did I manage the situation? 

I wanted to lose the body fat in the safest and most effective ways. For me, this mostly included cardio and developing healthy eating habits. These are some of the steps that I took in my weight-loss journey:

Increasing Viscous Fiber (aka Soluble Fiber)

The first step to my weight loss was to stop food cravings. I filled my diet with a lot of viscous fiber. I began to include natural fiber sources like cereal, more vegetables, and fruits. By doing this, I was able to suppress my appetite and remain full for longer hours.  Next, I needed to ensure that I was burning additional calories without introducing more into my body.

Engaging In Cardio Exercise

I’ve always enjoyed running – it has long been one of my favorite exercises. So in order to reduce more body fat, I engaged in a lot of of running. Luckily, I live near the beach so I took advantage of getting outside to enjoy exercising. 

Reducing The Amount Of Carbs In My Diet

Before beginning my weight loss journey, I consumed a lot of unnecessary carbohydrates. Unfortunately, it was mostly refined carbohydrates like white bread and pasta. Since I knew that lower carbohydrate and for some people low-fat diets were helpful for people when reducing body fat,I had to make some changes in the amount of carbohydrates that I was consuming. None of this helped that I had a sedentary job and wasn’t exercising as much. These refined carbohydrates also had an effect on my appetite by always leaving me hungry. This was the reason I had to put a stop many of the carbohydrates I had included in my diet before. 

I Cut Out The Sugary Foods 

When I was at work, I had a bad habit of drinking sugary drinks. These drinks were mostly in the form of soda. Along with the carbohydrates, these sugary foods made managing my weight even more difficult. In fact, it was a huge factor that contributed to my increased body fat. Therefore, I cut out all the sugary drinks from my diet and switched over to water. By doing this I was able to reduce the amount of calories I was putting into my body. This had a huge impact on me achieving my weight loss goals within an even shorter amount of time possible than I had initially anticipated. 

Taking In More Protein 

If I wanted to take my weight-loss serious, I knew that I’d have to consider getting a healthier amount of proteins in my diet. When I started including more fiber in my diet, I felt full for a longer period of time. I also started taking in more protein. By including more protein in my diet, I felt fuller, and the cravings for sweet and sugary foods also decreased. Taking in protein was a huge step that enabled me to continue weight management, even after I achieved my weight-loss goals.  By having just a small portion of protein, I could go for several hours without feeling hungry. My main protein sources include fish, chicken, yogurt, beans, and eggs.

In addition to my protein intake, I also never skipped a meal. This would keep me from overeating after going through long periods of not eating. Through all these simple changes, I was able to achieve my weight loss goals and my ideal body size.

I’d also like to mention one other thing: throughout this whole process I used a fitness tracker. Wearing a fitness tracker helped me to keep track of a rough estimate of how many calories I was burning throughout the day as well as during my workouts. Wearing a fitness tracker also helped me keep track of my heart rate – something that was important to me.

About the Author

Robert is keen on investigating healthcare issues, specifically weight-loss tactics. Through his website, Fitness Tracker, Robert writes about living a healthy lifestyle and workout routines. His website, is a great tool for those who are concerned about such issues and also about finding fitness trackers that can help you achieve your goals.  

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