I recently wrote an article about why I prefer using avocado oil to cook with over coconut oil or olive oil. Avocado oil can be difficult to find if you’re not near a region where avocados are as mainstream as Southern California. One of the other frequent things I hear about avocado oil is that it tends to be a bit more pricier than either olive oil or coconut oil. This has to do with the level of popularity – avocado oil is just not as mainstream as the other two oils. With that being said, there are still several areas where you can find avocado oil for reasonable prices. Check them out.

Places To Find Affordable Avocado Oil

1. Your Local Farmer’s Market

Local farmer’s markets aren’t always the cheapest finds but you can find some deals there. However, if you look around, you can find some unusual food items there that are also a great deal. The availability of products will depend on your region but hey, it’s worth a try.

2. Costco 

From the cheap wine to the bulk meat, a Costco membership is a great thing to have. Another great reason to have a Costco membership is because they sell an incredible avocado oil at an incredible price. In fact, I have yet to see anywhere that offers a quality avocado oil like the one at Costco for the amount that they sell. This is where I purchase my avocado oil. If you can find it there, I would highly recommend it. If not, don’t worry, there are still several other options.

Costco actually sells an amazing and huge bottle of avocado oil by Chosen Foods for less than ten dollars a bottle. If you don’t have a Costco membership, don’t worry, it’s also available through Amazon as well.

3. Amazon

If Costco didn’t carry avocado oil, I’d probably consider ordering it online. Like Costco, I’m a firm believe in having a membership to Amazon Prime. The membership is incredibly reasonable and Prime items are eligible for free shipping and there are huge discounts to be found. Amazon has several quality Avocado products for a reasonable price and they will ship just about anywhere.

4. Thrive Market

Thrive Market is considered the Costco of the health food world. Thrive Market is an online only store that specializes in auto-immune foods, Paleo friendly foods, and gluten-free foods. Because Thrive Market is  an online only retailer, they are able to provide incredibly high quality products for low prices. Thrive Market has a great selection of avocado oil (including brands like Primal Kitchen and Chosen Foods).

5. Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen is run by the rather successful, Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple. After building an incredibly large blog following, Mark improved on his brand by starting Primal Kitchen. Primal Kitchen is an emerging online store that caters specifically to foods that he created that are 100% natural and 100% Paleo friendly. Primal Kitchen offers some incredible avocado oils. One benefit of Primal Kitchen over Thrive Market is that there is no membership fee that is needed in order to purchase products. This means that you can order individual products. Primal Kitchen has a great assortment of avocado oil products so be sure to check them out.

Are there any places that you have found that sell avocado oil for reasonable prices that weren’t listed? Please share, I’d love to know about them.