Avocado oil has become one of my favorite oils to cook with. If you have never tried avocado oil, here are several reasons why you should give it a try over other types of cooking oils.

Cooking With Avocado Oil

Paleo blogs love coconut oil. I hate it. I hate the way it smells and I hate the way coconut oil makes my food taste. The only time coconut oil is good is with with some type of Eastern Pacific themed meal. But most of the time I’m not eating some sort of Asian cuisine. I don’t want my food tasting like coconut oil all the time.

While, don’t let my hate for coconut oil throw you off, it’s actually a great fat. The fat is more stable at higher temperatures leading to less oxidized particles in your meal. Oxidation is bad. It’s a toxin to your body. Remember those antioxidants your parents used to take (or still do)? Yeah, antioxidants are great and help to minimize the damage to free radical oxidants.

So Why Do I Like Avocado Oil?

Avocado oil has a very high smoke point.

What’s A Smoke Point? 

A smoke point is the moment when oil is heated past a certain temperature and it starts to emit smoke. While smokiness can enhance flavor and taste great, it also is loaded with oxidized free radicals. Fat tends to be in its most stable form when it’s solid. As fat heats up fat becomes more unstable and free radicals are produced. Now there’s one thing that not a lot of other blogs mention is that fats become unstable before they reach their smoking point. So just because a fat has a higher smoking point doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily unstable.

Back To Avocado Oil 

I love avocado oil because it has a high smoke point. The smoke point of avocado is around 520°F or 270°C. This means that I can cook foods at a higher temperature than say, olive oil. I love me some olive oil but I’d rather cook with avocado oil.

There is one important thing to note: it’s difficult to predict the smoke point for each and every bottle of avocado oil. A higher refined oil filters out more impurities and is stable at higher heats.

It’s Not Just The Smoke Point Of Avocado Oil I Love

Avocado oil has a great flavor too. If you hate avocados, I might think you’re weird. But that’s okay! Avocado oil tastes nothing like avocados. Since olive oil is a very popular oil, I’ll compare the flavor to that. Avocado oil can taste lighter in flavor and bitterness compared to olive oil. There’s also a slight hint of nutty and buttery flavor. Hence why in regions of Mexico they spread avocado on their toast like butter.

Three Other Reasons Why I Love Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is primarily made of four different fats:

Type Of Oil Oil Concentration
Oleic Acid 69%
Palmitic Acid 15%
Linoleic Acid 11%
Palmitoleic Acid 4%

Oleic acid is the same kind of oil found in olive oil. So as you can see, avocados are made of mostly the same kind of fats as olives. However, one of the reasons that avocado oil is more stable than olive oil for cooking is the higher concentration of palmitic acid, which is a saturated fat. Saturated fats with long carbon chains like palmitic acid are solid at room temperature. This makes them more stable at higher heats.

Where I Get My Avocado Oil

I frequently hear that avocado oil is too expensive. I get my avocado oil from Costco (another reason it’s great to have a Costco membership). Costco supplies a quality avocado oil for the price. Thrive Market (the Costco of health food), is also another great place to get avocado oil. For those that don’t have Thrive, Amazon is also another great option to find reasonably priced avocado oil.


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