Do you ever get sick and tired of adhering to a certain style of eating? What about working out? Do you ever feel that you just need a break and to not do anything physical for a bit? I’m here to tell you that it’s okay! It’s okay to not workout. It’s okay to let yourself go for a bit! Here is why everyone needs to take a step back and let themselves go for a bit.   

Letting Go – It’s Fun – Try It

I just spent a week at in an all-inclusive resort at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I had several goals for my trip. Two of them were to not care what I ate or how active I was. Throughout the year I spend so much time on working out. My goals are to remain strong and agile enough as I age so that I can enjoy the things I love to do outside. I also realize the value of eating as clean of food as possible so the majority of the time I generally eat a pretty clean diet.

Why You Should Consider Letting Yourself Go

  • Working out constantly for weeks on end isn’t good for you. Your joints need a break (not literally). Exercise is great for you. But exercise also releases stress hormones as well. Chronic stress keeps your body from healing properly and can do more harm than good and actually lead to and increase the risk of injuries. There is enough stress in our daily lives as it is. We don’t need to add more.
  • Constantly worrying about what you eat can be too stressful on the mind. I am a huge proponent for fueling your body with the best possible things. What I also want to let you know is that a vacation here and a vacation there is not a bad thing. In fact, spending some time away from clean eating where you enjoy culinary treasures can be mentally liberating. Nobody should be so uptight that they can’t stop to enjoy some indulgence from time to time.

A Week Of Letting Myself Go – How I Did It

letting go of yourself, playa del carmen, mexico, barcelo, royal hideaway playacar

Enjoying the clouds catching the first glimpse of sun during the sunrise in Playa Del Carmen. An empty beach and a quiet morning is good for the mind.

I work a pretty busy life as an emergency room nurse. In my work and exercise life slowing down is something that I’m not used to. I have a hard time not doing something active. I also have an extremely difficult time not thinking or being self-conscious about what I put in my body. Some in my social circle would probably say that I worry too much about food from time to time. Letting go of such mental complexes for is hard for me to do but it’s something that can give me mental freedom.

My wife and I decided to spend about a week in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico doing much of nothing most of the time. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort which means, eat your fill of anything they offer and fill your stomach full of drinks until you’re happily content. I can hear all the other food bloggers and Paleo Police saying, how could you do such a thing to your body?

What Letting Go Did For me

letting go, playa del carmen, mexico, barcelo, royal hideaway playacar

Enjoying duck cooked on a cedar plank with a pineapple puree.

  • Peace of mind: It’s nice not spending so much time thinking about what I’m putting into my body. I know that this week of doing nothing is not permanent and won’t derail me from my long term goals.
  • Body healing: I spend a lot of time being active between surfing, hiking, and time in the gym. Joints can get inflamed. Stress hormones can build up. Muscles can be overworked. Spending time in a swimming pool, laying on the beach, having fun in the ocean, and not thinking about a gym brings much needed relaxation to the body, mind, and soul. Letting go of worries can be nice.

Tips On Letting Go

  1. Set a time limit: Obviously, letting go will not be good for you in the long run. Find comfort knowing that a period of not worrying about how active you are or what you put in your body will only be a small moment in your life. Enjoy being free from workout routines  and dietary habits.
  2. Unplug from the world: How often are we keeping up with social media? How about checking out the latest current events? How about constant text messaging? Turn your phone off for a while. Leave it behind in your hotel room or make it a point to not have a cell phone on you. Tell your friends beforehand that you’re going on vacation and they’ll be less likely to bother you. Whatever you need to do, find a way to detach from your phone. I promise you, the world will still carry on without you and your cell phone.
  3. Enjoy The Environment Around You: Whether you’re visiting a big city, small town, or are off in a more wild environment, find ways to enjoy the environment around you. Watch a sunset or sunrise. Take a book with you to a park or a beach and let your mind wander. Meet a local and start a random conversation and learn about the area you’re visiting. Go enjoy the environment around you or explore the treasures that the town you’re in has to offer.
  4. Remember What You Learn: Letting go and taking a step back from current routines can often allow us to analyze where we have been hand help us to determine where we want to go. With the mind and body in a lower state of stress, we have more time to really think about the important things in our life. Sometimes you may come up with new desires. You may realize certain aspects of your life are leaving you unhappy. Remember those things and apply your new goals to when you get back to your life after letting go.

How Do You Enjoy Letting Go?

Letting go doesn’t always require a vacation but letting go is important to do from time to time. How do you find ways of letting go from your current routine? What kind of things do you end up learning after spending time letting go?