Time for our Workout Of The Month. This month I want to show you three simple exercises to do before bed that can reduce back pain. Each month we take a look at something fitness related and break it down in a way that you can understand it so that you can apply it to your life. Some times we take a look at a specific workout and break it down – other times we’ll take a look at the latest fitness research and separate fact from fiction.

Four Simple Bedtime Exercises Without A Gym

Chronic back pain can range from a minor annoyance to being completely debilitating. Unfortunately, a good majority of people will experience this type of pain at some point in their life. Prolonged sitting and poor posture is a problem this culture has an are two major risk factors for chronic pain. Chronic sitting leads to a weak core with an imbalance of muscles that can mis-align the spine.

The good news is that research shows that those with stronger core muscles suffer from far less back

Simple Exercises To Do Before Bed To Strengthen The Core and Reduce Back Pain

exercises to do before bed to reduce back pain

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1. Planks

How long can you hold a plank for? The nearest to a minute the better. Planks are an amazing exercise for developing strength endurance in the core. Planks also help to develop stability throughout the body. The minute you start to feel your body shaking and compromising perfect form is when it’s time to go to the next exercise.




2. Hip Flexor Stretch

Most of us spend way too much time sitting. When we’re seated the muscles in our quadriceps shorten. The shortening of our hip flexors in the quads pulls the hips forward. When the hips are rotated too far forward they can put pressure on the spine which lead to chronic back pain. Hold each stretch for thirty to sixty seconds. No longer, no shorter than that. Do each leg.



3. Hip Bridgeexercises to do before bed

Sitting causes more problems than just tight hips. Our glute (butt) muscles get weakened as well. The glutes are should be the strongest muscles that bring our legs back. Unfortunately, with weak glutes our hamstrings take over the work. The problem is that hamstrings are not meant to do the amount of work that the glutes are. Hamstrings are only supposed to assist. The hip bridge is a great exercise at strengthening the glutes, adding to hip stability in the back, and building up the core on the lower back. Hold this exercise for as long as possible. If this exercise becomes too easy, lift one leg up off the floor while maintaining a neutral, straight spine. However, unlike the dude in the picture, keep your arms flat on the floor to help with stability.  


4. Superman Pose   before bed exercises to help reduce back pain

This exercise helps building up the smaller muscles that run straight down the back. This pose also helps develop hip stability and posterior core strength. Hold this pose for as long as possible while maintaining a neutral spine.

How To Put These Exercises Together

  • For best results, do these exercises after a shower so that the muscles are arm and can be stretched easier.
  • Start with the hip bridges. Next do hip flexor stretch of the right leg. Go straight into planks for as long as you can. Follow that up by stretching your left hip flexors. Finish with the superman pose.
  • Do one round then rest for sixty seconds for a total of three to five repetitions. If you want a bit more of a tougher challenge, do as many rounds as you can in fifteen minutes with no rest between exercises.