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Eight Fun Filled Exercises To Do With Your Kids At Home

Exercising is as important as spending some quality time with your family. Fortunately, you can mix up both to enjoy a great time while attaining optimal health. According to an abstract published in National Center for Biotechnology Information, involving your kids in physical activity can reduce childhood obesity and improve their overall health. Moreover, it will help you maintain your body well by just squeezing in some time with the entire family. Here are eight amazing exercises to do with your kids at home.  

1. Push ups

exercises to do with your kidsDoing this exercise can be fun and interesting for your kids. All you have to do is find a suitable place to start off. Start by letting them do it with their knees, especially if they are toddlers. Once you judge their ability, try to incorporate variations to keep the fun alive. While you do your set of push-ups, encourage your kids to do better each time. It will strengthen the entire body and will help them have stronger muscles.



2. Planksexercises to do with kids

Planking could become a great way of engaging your kids in physical activity. Since it builds core muscles, it can be beneficial for both you and your kids. At the same time, it can be a good challenge for them to compete with you. Planks can help you understand their strength and work up on their weak areas.


3. Body Weight Squats

exercises to do with kidsSquats can be highly beneficial for you as well as your kids as it helps is strengthening the lower body. It may provide best results for building stronger hamstrings and gluteal muscles. Since it also strengthens the lower back, it may help in improving their posture.

Most kids find squats an interesting and engaging exercise, especially when they are accompanied by their parents and other kids at home. You can start a quick competition to make it more fun. 


4. Burpeesexercises to do with kids

Burpees can be great for kids as it is engaging and fun-filled, but make sure it is not too intense for you. To start, stand with your feet placed apart. Now bend your knees to a squat and place your hands on the floor and shift your entire weight on them. Now jump your feet back to attain the plank position. Stand up and jump in the air to complete the steps. It will work out most of the muscles of the body. Go slow if you want an easier version of burpees. Gradually make variations in your speed to make it more interesting. Doing such exercises with your kids will not only take their physical well-being to a new height but also help in strengthening your muscles too.

5. Lunges
exercises to do with kids

Lunges are easy to perform yet provides beneficial results when it comes to lower body workout. Kids find them challenging, especially when asked to perform with an elder. This exercise will keep them engaged while working on their hamstring and calves.

To start off, stand straight and take a step forward with one of your legs. Bend the knee of the forward leg so that it does not extend over the toes. At this point, the knee of the back leg may touch the floor. Lunges can be extremely engaging and amusing when done with someone at your side and most kids love doing it.

6. Butterfly Kicks
exercises to do with kids

A butterfly kick strengthens the abdominal muscles and can be done almost anywhere and anytime. Just lie on your back with your hands on your sides. Raise your legs to up to 6 inches from the ground. Now move your legs in a scissor-like movement to workout your abs. The abs will remain contracted throughout the exercise, which will help in toning the muscles. For an amusing physical activity, ask your kids to carry on butterfly kicks until they are tired.

7. Gorilla Walks
exercises to do with kids

If you have naughty kids at home, gorilla walk can fill your home with fun and laughter while working out on major muscles of their body. Start with bending down with your hands on the floor. Now move your right leg along with the right hand whereas left leg with the left hand to move forward. Kids love to move over like a gorilla while reaping the benefits of this physical exercise.

8. Crunches exercises to do with kids

When done in the right manner, crunches strengthen your abdominal muscles and the lower back to reduce back pain. Start with a few crunches every day to see the effect. If you find this too intense for the kids, you can make them try a lighter version which only includes curling up. Let them lie on their back and just raise the upper body to feel the tension in the abdomen. 

**If you have any chronic back pain, sciatica, or previous spinal surgeries, use caution on doing crunches. The motion can hyperextend and hyperflex the spine and increase the risk of a herniated disk.** 


The above exercises with your kids will not provide numerous health benefits but will help you spend a quality time with your kids after work. These fun and simple exercises to do with your kids are a great way to unwind after work and reduce stress from the mind and body.

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