Today we have a guest post from Kelly Joyner. Kelly runs her blog, Regularity Fitness where she shares with her readers simple fitness tips. Today Kelly is sharing simple tips to help get more perfect abs.  Want to submit your own guest post?  

Six Tips To Stronger More Perfect Abs 

Getting the perfect abs requires a very tight program, gym instructors, or if you can afford that just stick to a very strict daily schedule. Stick to these three pillars to help you through functional and muscular strength.

1. Nutrition

This should become your most relevant weapon in working to get the best abs. This requires an even higher level of discipline more than hitting the gym. It’s important to ensure you’re taking in adequate amounts of protein based off your body weight each day. Also, ensure adequate amounts of vegetables are a part of your diet to help keep you full. 

What to avoid:  Too much intake of heavy sugary drinks and fatty foods. These will derail your progress.

2. Training And Exercises

Strong perfect abs will take some time. Everyone talks about hitting the gym and exercising but you need a perfect workout plan to be able to learn how to get the best abs. It is a journey that requires training strategies and discipline. Set the number of days you will be training in a week as well as the hours and the kind of exercises. You can start with the short-rest training sessions that involve laying a smack down on your muscles. Later after a few days you can build the mass by doing very heavy pumping. Start a four week exercise journey which will include the use of the abs roller. Learn how to use this exercise kit properly for example:

  • Proper Holding technique on your hand
  • Ground positioning of your body as you start to roll
  • At what stage to breathe when stretched

Do note: the use of the Abs roller is not recommended for people with lower back problems.

3. Practicing Good Posture

Adapting an Excellent posture even when not in the gym is very important. Sitting with a straight and erect spine and your stomach pulled inside in a tight position is the correct posture. This enables you to have an easier time when you go into the gym for the workout session. Secondly when doing your weight training you can pull your stomach in and this will further help tone your tummy.

4. Stretching

After an intense workout it is important to stretch out. It might seem easy but the repercussions of not stretching are much more than you can think. After every workout do a ten minute stretching routine and this will allow your muscles to recover from the strain.

5. Use The High Intensity Abdominal Blast

Strong muscular abs require a high level of intense workouts. In order to get better results you need to expose your abs to enough resistance, intensity, and volume. The abdominal muscles are not different than any other muscle. The high-intensity abdominal blast helps in increasing the muscles. This can be done through performing a higher number of sets and repeating the process all over again. This type of exercise also leads to the increase in size of the abdominal muscle fibers.  

6. Scientific Fat Burning Supplements

The use of scientifically approved methods of fat burning is critical for any bodybuilder or any other person wishing to get the perfect abs. This particular burner contains clinically researched and approved ingredients. One of these methods is the fat oxidation. It is a method which the fat is mobilized through a biochemical path. The fat is broken down and then metabolized so that it can be used for energy production. For fat burning to take place, remember to keep the following in mind:

  • Process should be below 45 minutes.
  • Give your body some time in between sessions to allow for recover and repair.
  • Reduce the time you take in shredding if you have increased your supplement intake

About the author:

Kelly is the founder of RegularityFitness, where her and her associates blog about the best fitness exercises, weight loss methods, diet, and muscle building. Their goal is to help you get to be healthy and in good shape.

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