Time for our Workout Of The Month. Each month we take a look at something fitness related and break it down in a way that you can understand it so that you can apply it to your life. Some times we take a look at a specific workout and break it down – other times we’ll take a look at the latest fitness research and separate fact from fiction. This month is all about Spring! It’s in the air and you should be outside doing some awesome spring activities. Here are some simple spring outdoor workout ideas for you to enjoy. 

Workout Of The Month:  Simple Spring Outdoor Workout Ideas

It’s just a few weeks into spring. Some parts of the United States are still thawing out. Others have already started thawing out. Regardless of where your location is, Spring is one of the best times of the year to get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. Even if you’re living in the northern parts of the country, there will still be amazing days as summer draws near.

Living in San Diego, it’s easy for me to say go outside and go do something active. San Diego is generally nice throughout the entire year. Nonetheless, getting outside after a long cold winter can do your body good. Here are some reasons to get out and enjoy spring:

  • Vitamin D: The further north that you live, the less sun you get. In the colder regions, people are less likely to get outside. We lack natural sources of vitamin D from sunlight. Vitamin D helps give the immune system a boost after a flu/cold season.
  • Peace of mind:  Even if you live in the city, getting out in the fresh air and getting sunlight and doing something active can help boost positive endorphins.
  • Enjoy nature: I think all seasons are amazing. But if you’re near any nature get outside and enjoy a hike. It’s good for your heart. Snow melt and winter rains can have streams full and flowing of life. Trees and flowers are budding. Animals are out to forage on new food.  Unleash your inner caveman and go enjoy nature.

Spring Workout Ideas

  • Nothing beats a hike. You can do something simple through flat terrain to enjoy some nice views. If you’re looking for something more difficult find something with some elevation give your heart and legs a good workout.
  • Find a park. Parks can be nice this time of year. They also tend to have some equipment that you can get a free workout in. Pull-up bars? Dip area? Bench to jump on to? Field to run some sprints? You’re all set.
  • Go for a jog around town. Do you just feel the need to get outside? Enjoy the local spring scenery around your town. It sure as heck beats running in place on a treadmill.
  • Head to the beach. Running in the sand helps build strength and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Grab a bike. Do you have a bike? That’s alright. Borrow one. Rent one. Go enjoy the sights and sounds.

Get Out and Enjoy Spring Activities!

San Diego offers up some great things to do for simple outdoor spring activities. It’s not yet hot enough that the hills and valleys are unbearable to hike. The water also starts to warm up and is a little more pleasant to surf in than the winter months. If wearing a wet suit isn’t your thing, the beach does have some incredible warm days this time of year.

What are your favorite ways to get outside and enjoy the spring weather?