Happy New Year! The New Year is always a good time to re-assess life. The timing is perfect for determining if you’re who you want to be and the direction that you want your life to go. While the New Year is great for looking ahead, it’s also important to not forget about the past. Here are the most popular things you may have missed from last year.

The Most Popular Health Topics Of 2016

1.  How Soon Should You Return To Physical Activity After Rhabdomyolysis?  

Rhabdomyolysis has become more popular in recent years as more fitness programs encompass Crossfit or military boot camp style workouts.  The problem is that while it’s relatively easy to diagnose rhabdo, there are no determined guidelines for telling people what to do after their muscles have been destroyed.  If you’ve ever had rhabdo, let this guide help you get yourself back to the condition that you want to be in.

2.  What Is The Best Type Of Bench Press?

Bench presses come in all angles and forms.  While the the perfect type of bench press depends on your body and your specific goals, this guide to the decline, incline, and flat bench press will help guide you to determining which bench press is the best for you.

3.  How To Interpret Simple Blood Tests

Have you ever been to the doctor or hospital and gotten a copy of your blood tests but have no idea what they mean?  This guide that I created will help explain to you what all those acronyms and lab values mean.  Now you can have a better idea about what your health care provider is looking at.

4.  How To Use A Stairmaster Properly

I’ve seen people doing some pretty funky stuff on Stairmaster’s before.  Get the most out of your Stairmaster workout.  But hey, if you want to look like a dancing buffoon, more power to you.

5.  What’s In PAM Cooking Spray?

There’s a lot of odd stuff that you would’t guess that’s in PAM.  Why can’t it just be one hundred percent oil?  Ah, if only.  But that would mean that life is too easy.  If you want to ditch the chemicals, aim for a vegetable oil sprayer instead.

6.  The Chin Up Bar Stretch:  The One Stretch You Should Be Doing

Chronic back problems is something that will have an effect on the majority of society at some point in their life.  Over time gravity decreases the space between our vertebrae.  Gravity is something that we can’t help but there is one thing we can help:  staying out a sitting position.  The seated position tightens our hips and shoulders and puts more compression on our spine.  Hanging from a bar can help decompress your spine and help to stretch your lats and shoulders.

7.  Preventing and Treating Rhabdomyolysis In Athletes

Part of my series on rhabdomyolysis and a follow up the the most popular article on this list.  What happens when you actually get rhabo from working out?  This guide will let you know all that you can do to prevent rhabdo during your workouts and what to expect if you ever get it.

8.  What You Should Know About Food Grade Beeswax

Have you ever been curious why your fruit is so shiny in the supermarket or why the organic section always has fruit that’s dull looking?  It’s all because those shiny oranges and apples are covered in a film of beeswax.  You can learn more about it here and find out if it’s toxic for your body.

9.  Breaking Down The Injury That Injured Bruce Lee’s Back

Good mornings.  This is the injury that made Bruce Lee consider taking his own life.  The injury spiraled him into a dark negative abyss.  Learn about this type of exercise so hopefully you won’t suffer from the same fate.

10.  The Best Pulls For Strengthening Your Lats

Wide grip versus closed grip pull ups?  Which type of pull-ups are better for building your lats?  Learn about the difference of the two to help you better build the strength and shape of your back.

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