This reader wants to lose weight and start eating healthier. He’s curious about what type of protein supplement he should buy. My question for him is, why does he need to be on a protein supplement at all?

Reader Question: What Type Of Protein Powder Should I Buy?

The response in my head: the one with Rob Grownkowsky on it that they sell at Wal-Mart.
The one that I actually said: What are your goals?

Here’s the readers situation:

The reader want’s to start eating better and do a protein shake for meal replacement/adjunct.

His workout goals and current regimen: none.
Past medical history that might warrant protein supplementation: none.

My thoughts:

Given that he has no real plans on working out and no specific goals for adding on lean muscle mass. The reader is more than likely getting enough protein through his every day intake of real food.

Not everyone needs a protein supplement. Especially if your workout goals don’t warrant. Skipping a meal for a meal replacement is up there on the list of things that you shouldn’t do. Replace refined carbohydrates with something of sustenance (complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and a heap of vegetables to go along with a good animal source of protein). A protein replacement will leave your stomach feeling empty, lead to hunger sooner, and increase the chances that you’ll binge eat down the road.

The answer to the question is simple, not everyone needs a meal replacement to get their protein needs. Most people who aren’t looking to adding on lean muscle or who aren’t following strength, power, or endurance training programs, could probably do without it.

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Should This Reader Take A Protein Supplement?