So you ate a salad today. You might be feeling good about yourself but you could be very well falling into the salad conundrum. Is this you?

The Salad Conundrum

The salad conundrum – is this something you’re guilty of? The salad conundrum goes something like this. You start the day out with the best intentions. Your breakfast was fantastic. Maybe you did a couple of hard boiled eggs with a piece of fruit, some legit Greek yogurt, and a couple pieces of bacon. Maybe half way through the morning you prided yourself on some mixed nuts and a protein shake. Lunch rolls around you’ll do a salad that encompasses dark leafy greens, some colored veggies, a healthy protein, and maybe some avocado.

Later on in the day – you’re hungry. Your friends, family, or co-workers invite you out. There’s healthy options where you’re at. In the back of your mind there’s a tiny voice playing on repeat saying something along the lines of, “don’t ruin your day. You did such a great job eating.” But then it’s met with an opposing voice, “You did such a great job eating today. It’s okay if you splurge a little.”

This is the salad conundrum. Later in the day, you cave. You tell yourself, wow, I did a good job eating today. It’s okay if I splurge and live a little. Then you splurge. And often times this is when we do the biggest disservice to our diets/bodies. Among the many people that I’ve discussed nutrition with, this is where many hidden calories are made and people don’t even realize the extent of the gross miscalculation (no pun intended). You think you’re doing good but the truth is you were more than likely on pace to balance out your energy needs for the day. Now you overshot – big time. Then you have to force yourself to make up to for it the subsequent days.

The salad conundrum then forced you to make up for it the subsequent days. But it’s already too late. Your body has already packaged up the extra energy and stored it around your waistline. Don’t let yourself fall victim to the salad conundrum. I’m as guilty of it as you most likely are as well. It’s not worth it is it?

Some of the things I’ve found that help me to avoid the salad conundrum are to not try so hard during the day. I find that if I don’t include healthy carbohydrates during the day I’m gassed when it comes to the afternoon and more likely to binge on crap. I’m not afraid to add fruit or potatoes. Another thing, veggies are great, but they’re not going to keep you full. Protein will help but even then, you need some good, healthy fat that your body can spend time breaking down and filling your stomach. That’s what works for me. What kind of things work for you to help you avoid the salad conundrum?