Your health is never something you should take for granted. Your health is definitely not something that you should put on the back burner in your life either. Working in healthcare and specifically in the emergency room has given me a different perspective on health than the average person could ever imagine. When spending time with your family, friends, or whoever it may be, here are some different ways you can think about your health and maybe consider being thankful for.

Different Ways To Be Thankful For Your Health

Working in the emergency room can constantly put a lot of things into perspective for you. There’s no shortness of death, illness, and grieving family members. Here are some not so obvious things to be thankful for when it comes to your health this Thanksgiving weekend.

Be Thankful For The Way You can Move

If you can move throughout your daily life without pain, be thankful. Many people suffer from chronic pain issues and are on a plethora of pain medications from muscle relaxants to narcotics to make their days more tolerable. You could literally be one movement away from having a slipped disk, inflamed nerve, or torn muscle. Make sure you continue spending time working on alignment and flexibility. Your body will thank you for years to come.

Be Thankful For What’s Available To You

We live in the golden age of the amount of information that’s available to us. While you still have to be careful with what you learn, and differentiate between good research and bad research, if you want to be healthy, the amount of information that’s available to you is more than ever before and the amount of information is only going to continue to grow. If you’ve got a tight pelvis, you can easily find a YouTube video explain how to get more flexibility in your hips. If you want to learn about (foam rolling), the (rancidity of fish oil), or how coffee effects your heart, all that information is available to you. Use it.

Be Thankful For The Little Things

Seriously – every day and every moment remarkable things are taking place inside our body on a cellular level. Our cells are busy regulating sodium/potassium ions between the fluid inside our cells and the fluid outside of our cells. They do a damn fine job of it. Without doing what they do, we’d be dead. It’s a miracle how well designed our body is that organelles communicate with each other inside our cell – our cells communicate with other cells – organs communicate with other organs – and organ systems communicate together to make our body do what it does. While we’re at it – pause for a moment to consider that you don’t even have to try to breathe. Your brainstem does that for you.

So while you’re sitting down today with the family today (or even if you’re not sitting down with your family), gorging on food, or watching sports, take a moment to be thankful for all the individual little things in life.

Happy Thanksgiving

-Matt Shaffer BSN, RN, PHN