Guess what – we’re still getting fatter. According to new data from the Center For Disease Control (CDC) the United States is still getting fatter and for many states, obesity rates are still holding steady. So what’s going on?

The United States Continues To Get Fatter

The Latest 2014 Obesity Prevalence Data By State

2014 obesity prevalence

2011 Obesity Prevalence Data By State

2011 obesity prevalence

1995 Obesity Prevalence Rates By State

1995 obesity prevalence map

Although the criteria for measuring obesity rates changed slightly from the years before 2011, the measurement for obesity is still the same: a body mass index of greater than thirty. As you can see, in the last twenty years, obesity rates have skyrocketed across the country and still continue to rise – as do rates of diabetes as well.

So what does all this mean? Clearly something isn’t working. Move more, eat less – the message isn’t working. Or people just don’t care. However, there is a silver lining to all of this. Healthcare practitioners will continue to profit on treating chronic illnesses and big pharma will continue to develop pills to find “the obesity cure.” That way we can all eat whatever we want and still be skinny.