There’s nothing worse than being cramped next to someone who may have the next plague, let alone hours of sitting, and worse – that horrid airplane food. Here are some tips for staying healthy while being on an airplane.

How To Stay Healthy On An Airplane

Don’t Forget The Hand Gel

Nothing is better than hand washing but what happens when you can’t wash your hands? The next best thing is some type of alcohol based hand gel. After all, you don’t know who was in your seat before you. Maybe it was someone with a baby who left a bunch of bacteria from diaper changes. Maybe it was a man with the next plague sweating all over your seat. Maybe it was someone who was picking their nose or coughing everywhere then touched everything in sight. Kind of gross right? The last thing you want is taking those germs from your hand and exposing yourself to whatever someone else has. Help kill the bacteria with alcohol based hand gel.

Also Don’t Forget Germicidal Wipes

I used to think my parents were crazy for bringing germicidal wipes with them on an airplane and wiping everything down around them. That’s until I spoke with one of my co-workers who works as a flight attendant a few days a month. Guess how often those food trays that fold down from the seat in front of you get wiped down? Usually it’s during the night when the plane isn’t in service. The last time your seat got a good wash? Probably one month ago. Can you guarantee that the person who sat in the seat before you washed their hands after coming back from using the bathroom and the person before them had diarrhea and didn’t wash their hands either? Yeah I will pass on whatever nasty things I can’t see are on my seat arm rests or the food tray in front of me and I will wipe that stuff down with a germicidal wipe. It’s gross enough thinking about whatever nasty things are stuck to my airplane seat are now all over my clothes.

Change Your Clothes

I realize that for some people this might not be possible, but if you can, change your clothes as soon as possible after leaving the airport. Put on a fresh change of clothes and ditch the ones covered in whatever filth that you’ve collected by sitting in an airplane seat.

Eating or Snacking

You might be okay with going hours without eating but if you’re anything like me – someone who gets hungry every few hours – you might need fulfilling snack to help get you through the flight. These days, food can be a pretty difficult thing to come by on airplanes, especially if you’re not a fan of prepackaged airplane food. So what can you do about it?

Hard Boiled Eggs: I’m a big fan of recommending some kind of protein. Protein helps keep you full. Hard boiled eggs are an easy way to get some protein on an airplane. You might be a little nervous to stink up the cabin with the smell of an egg so my tip for you is to peel the eggs before you go.
Jerky:Not a fan of eggs? Or want more protein? Go with some kind of jerky.
Carrots: Carrots are another easy thing to use on the airplane. They’re easy, healthy, find filling.
Nuts: They’re a great source of protein, healthy fats, and they help to keep you full. There’s almonds, macadamia nuts, or mixed nuts. You pick.
Fruit: Anything will do – an apple, peach, pear.
Water: Don’t forget the water. The last thing you want after a long flight is to end up dehydrated. Sip small amounts of water throughout your flight to help keep your body hydrated.

If your flight is several hours long, the last thing you want is a meal that’s going to drive up your blood sugar while you just sit there. Aim for foods that help fill you up yet something that keeps your blood sugars from spiking up. I recommend foods that are higher in proteins and fats and low in carbohydrates to help achieve this goal.

Staying healthy on an airplane can be a daunting task – especially with the close contact with people and millions of bacteria/virus on every surface. These are some of the things that I do to help keep myself as healthy as possible so I can enjoy my travel destination. Fuel your body right so that you’ve got the energy to step off the airplane and go have some fun.