Summer is upon us and one company, Protein World, has come out with a controversial new ad to promote itself. Begging the question, are you beach body ready? What do you guys think – yay or nay on this company’s current marketing campaign?

Are You Beach Body Ready?

Protein World, a company that markets itself as a company “leading the protein revolution with a new and innovative range of pure, GMO free supplements to help you become healthier, leaner, fitter, and stronger” recently put out a new set of ads in London asking people, are you beach body ready? The ad (pictured above), has hit quite a sore spot with a lot of people and has lead to quite a backlash.

Since the company’s debut with its ads, it has triggered a backlash on social media leading to hundreds of posters mocking the ad. Here are a few examples below:



The-best-defaced-body-shaming-posters (1)

The Beach Body Ready Backlash

The examples above are just a few of hundreds of images that were created out of spite of the company’s marketing campaign. Some company’s such as Dove and Simply Be have also created their own ads as a response to Protein World with the same message: it’s okay to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Since then the compancy has continued to receive complaints, including even a bomb threat against the company itself. The Advertising Standards Authority – UK’s independent regulator of advertising – has called to pull the ads and is even launching an investigation into the company’s claims that their supplements can help with weight loss.

In the meantime, the company’s ads have been pulled and won’t be reappearing anytime soon. But this leads to the question, what causes people to get so offended by the question, “Are You Beach Body Ready?” Protein World themselves have said that the point of the advertisement was to motivate people to help them accomplish their physical goals.

I think it’s great that peope can feel comfortable in their own skin. Except, if you’re really comfortable in your own skin, then why is there a need to get offended? There’s just one other thing – obesity is not healthy. You might be able to spin it and say you like the way you look (which is great), but still, obesity is not healthy. And I thnk most of us deep down know that but don’t want to talk about it. So are we creating a culture where it’s okay to be fat? It’s really something to consider. Here’s a better question: how sensitive are we? Please chime in.


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