Before I met my wife I was heavily into the Paleo lifestyle. I still hover at around a 80/20 threshold but it has always been a struggle getting the wife on board with Paleo style recipes. She has a strong love for pasta and me on the other hand, well I think Americans eat too many carbohydrates.

Time To Take A Look Into The Whole 30

Then something miraculous happened a few weeks ago. My wife got a hold of the Whole 30. While I had heard of the diet in the past I had never really looked into the details of what it was up until a few weeks ago. I was astonished because the guidelines set out by the Whole 30 book are essentially the same guidelines for Paleo. Why couldn’t I ever get my wife on board until now? I guess The Today Show does a better job at convincing her to try it better than I do:

Has anyone else done the Whole 30 before? I’ll let you guys know what I think thirty days from now.