Today is about revolution. Watch as Ocean Robbins, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Mike Adams and Sayer Ji discuss responsible eating and living to solve the global epidemic of diabetes, as well as natural solutions to preventing and improving type 1 diabetes and reversing type 2.

World Diabetes Summit Day Six

Ocean Robbins
Joining the Food Revolution
From ice cream family to health-conscious change maker
How to solve the global diabetes epidemic
Thoughts on transforming nutrition in our schools

Mike Adams
The Importance of Clean Living to Avoid Diabetes Complications
How toxins and a toxic lifestyle contributes to diabetes
Hidden sources of toxins and how to avoid them and detoxify the body
The ultimate plan to lose weight and reverse type 2 diabetes

Sayer Ji
Examining the Research on Diabetes Cause, Prevention and Treatment
Understanding the underlying cause and triggers of type 1 diabetes
Problems with current treatment and the pursuit of a cure
What the research says about beta cell regeneration

Joel Fuhrman, MD
An Evidence-Based Approach to End Diabetes
What foods you should consider avoiding
The most important foods to include in your diet
How to lose weight and optimize blood sugar

Bonus Presentation: James Maskell
The Evolution of Diabetes Care
How the practice of medicine must change to meet patient’s needs
The revolution in diabetes care which is forcing evolution
How the evolving health system affects patients and practitioners

Diabetes Summit Day 7