It’s not often that a great opportunity comes along free – for those involved within the Paleo Community you won’t want to miss the World Diabetes Summit next week. The World Diabetes Summit begins the week of March 23rd – check out the amazing list of Primal speakers and empower yourself with the knowledge to help prevent diabetes.

Diabetes Summit 2015

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. That means if you’re reading this, you probably know someone who has been effected by the disease. With diabetes, it’s not only the deaths that can leave us scarred, but the disease itself also puts people at risk for strokes/heart attacks, blindness, kidney disease, and amputations.

Next week is a free Diabetes Summit with several amazing speakers. The summit focuses on several many parts including ways to prevent diabetes as well as manage diabetes and even ways to allow diabetes to go into remission. Some of the free speakers include:

Mark Sission: Author of Primal Blueprint
Sarah Ballantyne: Author of The Paleo Approach
Diane Sanfilippo: Author of Practical Paleo
Amy Myers: Author of The Autoimmune Solution

For a complete list of speakers as well as more information, see the link below.

What The Diabetes Summit Will Teach You:

Causes of type 1 and type 2 diabetes
Preventing and stopping the progression of diabetes
10 most important things to help reverse type 2 diabetes
Optimal diet to prevent, control and reverse type 2 diabetes
Most effective forms of exercise for optimal blood sugar control
Special information for Type 1 Diabetes management and care

Sign Up For The Diabetes Summit

The Diabetes Summit is free from March 23rd until March 30th. There’s no reason to miss it (it’s free).
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Diabetes Summit 2015