Time for our Workout Of The Month. Each month we take a look at a different exercise and break it down by movement, how to do it, and discuss some of the positive versus negative impact that it can have to you and your level of fitness. Some workout’s of the month breakdown how to do a common exercise, others feature a specific workout. This month, the goal is to stop making excuses and to start making fitness a priority.

Make Fitness Your Priority

We’re two months into 2016. For many people, their New Year’s Resolutions are either still a work in progress, they have achieved their goals, or they have just given up completely. Have you boycotted something over the last month, reevaluated things in your life completely, tried to make a change but fell off the bandwagon? As I’ve written about before, setting new goals based around the seasons can be a great way to set short term goals that give enough of a time frame to actually make a difference. If you started out the New Year with the intent of making some major changes in your life but that progress has slowed down and you’ve lost motivation, it’s not too late to keep going. If you’re still thinking about doing so and getting started, it’s also not too late.

With that said, if fitness isn’t a priority in your life, it’s time to start making it one. If you’re already into living an active lifestyle, you might be familiar with other people coming up to you and saying things like,

“You’re so in shape.”


“You’re so good about working out.”  

If you’re that type of person, then you know that it’s not because you’re active that you ended up in shape, with a nice looking body, or all around healthy – it’s because you make a conscious decision every day to make healthy living a priority. There are too many times where I come across individuals where they wish they were more in shape, wish they had a better body, wish they were healthier – but still end up making the same decisions that lead them down unhealthy lifestyles. It can be tough – I get it. But, try doing something different. Instead of sleeping in late, wake up a little earlier to get out and go exercise. Instead of making happy hour plans, make workout plans. Life is about the choices that you make and sometimes the easiest decisions to make, are also the hardest ones not to make as well.

The time for New Year’s resolutions has come and gone, but even though it’s February, it’s never too late to get out there and make some life changes. There is no wrong time to get started.