Hot yoga, treadmill desks, mercury containing flu shots, working out until you’re dead, and more – 2015 is here and while many people are focused on new things that they can do right, here are five health and fitness trends that need to go away in 2015.

Five Health and Fitness Trends That Need To Go Away In 2015

1. The Flu Shot Contains Mercury

This mantra has been beaten for quite some time – yes, the flu shot used to contain mercury, but it hasn’t quite some time. But that won’t let people (primarily followers from sites like Natural News) from still playing the same old tune that the flu vaccines contain mercury. The truth is, they don’t – except for multi-dose vials. Which contain a form of ethylmercury – different than the more toxic methylmercury found in other things you eat (like tuna). You can find out more about the flu vaccine here.

2. The Paleo Diet Is Stupid

Real, whole foods are stupid? You might want to rethink that one (and put down that piece of cheesecake while you’re at it). Then there are those who say that there’s too much protein in the Paley Diet. If you don’t want to eat animal products, I get that, and that’s your right as a human being. But you should really consider if you need half of your caloric intake from carbohydrates as currently recommended. Plus who couldn’t benefit from all the vegetables consumed under the Paleo Diet?

3. Hot Yoga

There is a time and place for yoga. I actually think occasional yoga routines can greatly benefit the body. But doing hot yoga five days a week doesn’t make you some kind of conditioned athlete. If you turned up the heat in this room while I was typing this article, well I’d be sweating too! All that stuff your yoga instructor is telling you about sweating toxins out of your body – NONSENSE! Most of the toxins in your body are eliminated by your liver and kidneys. What you’re really losing out of your sweat is mostly sodium and potassium. If you’re really concerned about toxins, eat more real foods.

4. Treating Every Workout Like It’s Your Last Workout

There’s a trend in the fitness industry where if you’re not working out to the point that you’re nearly throwing up, then your workout just isn’t that good of a workout. I’m sorry, but since when does every workout need to bring you to the point of rhabdomyolysis each time you workout? Every single workout you do should not be an all out assault on the body – you’re likely already stressed out enough from all the other things going on in your life. There is a time and place for intense metabolic conditioning – as well as rest, muscle group rotation, and going about your fitness goals in a smart way. Save some energy for when you’re in your seventies.

5. Treadmill Desks

Seriously, I know we’re a culture of sitting but come on, a treadmill desk? I think there are better ways to go about getting to your fitness goals. Like taking into consideration the foods you’re butting into your body or taking a walking break once an hour. Plus, how productive and focused are you really? I think treadmill desks are as stupid as reading books while at the gym.

Your thoughts? What needs to go away this year?