Happy New Year From Your Living Body – today I’m asking the question – what can we do better?

What Can We Do Better?

If you’re are regular visit to the website you might have noticed over the last several weeks that there has been one thing missing. Our weekly Best and Worst Health and Fitness News from the week. At first, in November I took a little bit of time off during Thanksgiving while I focused on (the non-online world) and also vacationed to see my family in Hawaii. After some more thinking I that I will no longer be focusing on a weekly best of when it comes to health and fitness news.

While I know this might be a bummer to a few of you, I came to the conclusion for a few reasons. One: I honestly just no longer have the time to scour the web and put together a weekly article based on what I read on my own time. Two: I would rather use the time instead to put together more in depth/researched articles that can better benefit you the reader as opposed to regurgitate what’s already news. Three: I need the time to focus on a few other endeavors that I want to work on with this website/my professional life which include was to better bridge the gap between nursing and nutrition and fitness while using this website to help supplement all the things that I do professionally.

So that leads me to ask the question from you, the reader: what would you like to see more of on this site? Fill out the form below to send in your suggestion(s).