Our Most Popular Health Topics From 2014

This has been the second year since I’ve started this blog and it all started out of the simple frustration of working a traditional healthcare job. In my daily experiences I come across countless patients who could make such big improvements in their life by taking making simple lifestyle changes through diet and nutrition. This site has continued to grow in popularity and I thank you all for that and everyone who stops by and regularly visits reads by blog. We had some very popular posts this year and in case you missed them, here are the ten most popular health topics from this year.

The Most Popular Health Topics In 2014

1. The Best Type Of Bench Press

Leading by quite a far margin, the most popular post of 2014 answered the age old question, what is the best type of bench press? Is it the incline, decline, or flat press and which one works out your chest the most? You’ll have to check out the post to find the answer.

2. Wide Grip Versus Closed Grip Pull-Ups

The runner up for 2014 broke down another common fitness question: what’s the difference between wide grip versus closed grip pull-ups. There’s a lot of mis-information out there on which one is better, which one is safer, and which one actually works out your back more.

3. 2014-2015 Flu Vaccine Information

Third place goes to an equally important post and a popular one for the two years that this blog has been up and running: the flu vaccine for the current year and everything you need to know about the flu shot. Update: if you haven’t gotten this year’s flu shot yet, you might want to keep it that way – the Center For Disease Control released a statement the dominant strain of the flu will not be covered in this year’s flu shot. You can find out more about the flu shot in the article.

4. How To Do A Turkish Getup

This article was published at the end of 2013 but its popularity has carried over into 2014 – how to do a Turkish getup. If you don’t incorporate this exercise into your current exercise routine, maybe you should rethink your strategy. This exercise is great at reinforcing and building shoulder stability and building core strength.

5. How To Do The Toes To Bar Exercise

Another how to type of exercise – the toes to bar. This exercise is great at also building core strength as well as developing and increasing strength in your forearms. The toes to bar exercise is great to add into a circuit as part of your workout routine.

6. What’s In PAM Cooking Spray?

An oldie but a goodie (still), and our very first blog post. Here you can find out everything you need to be about PAM, the original cooking spray.

7. The Temecula Super Spartan Race

Burpees, hills, tires, sand bags, water, dirt, and mud – all the things that make up a Spartan Race plus more. Last January I did the Super Spartan race in Temecula, California. It was a blast and I frequently get asked what a Spartan Race is but in truth, there’s not really a way to describe it. The easiest way would be to tell people it’s some sort of mud run but that doesn’t really do the race justice. Here’s everything a Super Spartan race was made of and how much fun it was.

8. The Touching Story Of Justina Pelletier

If in 2014 you haven’t heard about Justina Pelletier, now is about time you should. This story was kind of swept under the rug from most major media outlets which is really unfortunate. As a young teenager, Justina was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease. Mitochondrial disease is a group of diseases that have an affect on our cell’s mitochondria. It’s a component of our cells responsible for providing energy. This past year her disease became so debilitating that she required hospital treatment – there’s just one problem. Her parents took her to the wrong hospital and the state ended up taking custody of Justina away from her parents. This is a story that involves raw emotion, an abuse of power, and a really messed up medical institution at a major U.S. hospital.

9. Why You Should NOT Do Sit-Ups

My thoughts on sit ups – and why you should NOT include them (hyperextending/hyperextension of your back) as a part of your workout routine and what you should do instead.

10. When Should You Return To Physical Activity After Getting Rhabdomyolysis?

Last but not least, the last part of our series on rhabdomyolysis. This post has been gaining popularity steadily ever since it was posted. With the advent of military training style boot camps, Crossfit, and super charged circuit training, rhabdomyolysis is becoming more and more common with the general population. A lot of information exists on what exertional rhabo is, but hardly any exists on WHEN you should return to physical activity after you actually get the illness. This post has everything you need to know about WHEN you should hit the gym a case of rhabdomyolysis.

I hope you enjoyed our top ten list of popular health topics from this year. I want to send out a thanks to all the readers, guest posters, and people who took the time to comment on our blog posts. Without you this would be impossible. If you have any questions, contact us and as a reminder, please send us your own personal health story and we are always accepting guest blogging posts. If this interests you at all, please see our information about submitting a guest post here.