Time for the best and worst Health and Fitness News from the week. This weeks edition: the week’s best health and fitness deals and the recipe of the week Paleo chocolate chip cookies and vegetarian lentil pumpkin soup. Also, five real food sugar substitutions you can use this holiday season, why gluten isn’t the only protein you should worry about in wheat, meet the new potato that doesn’t bruise, and are school lunches really healthier than home lunches? All that and much much more!!

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Blast from our past: with the flu season already in progress, here are a few ways you can keep from being that annoying sick person.

When more exercise isn’t always better.

Getting into the holiday season: five real food sugar substitutions you can use in cooking this holiday season.

Did you know – high blood pressure can be caused by an autoimmune response?

Recipe of the week: vegetarian lentil soup with pumpkin and paleo chocolate chip cookies.

The Best Health and Fitness News This Week

Some people choose not to get the whooping cough vaccine (Tdap p tetanus, diptheria, and pertusis) during pregnancy out of fear that the vaccine may cause pre-term labor. Data analyzing over 123,000 women showed that the vaccine was not associated with pre-term delivery.

Gluten might not be the only thing in wheat wreaking havoc on your digestive track. Gluten accounts for about seventy-five percent of the proteins in wheat. Well, there’s still another twenty-five percent of proteins. Researchers looked at that other twenty-five percent and found other wheat proteins have the same the same effect as Gluten does on Celiac patients.

The Worst Health and Fitness News This Week

Meet the new potato: the new genetically modified potato was just approved by the USDA. This potato (unlike its normal counterpart) is spliced with genes from…potatoes…to make it more appealing to the eye – in other words it won’t bruise. Which makes me want to say, give me a potato that can’t bruise and I’ll show you how you can bruise it. Anyway, this genetically modified potato is also engineered to reduce the amounts of acrylamide produced (a by product of deep frying potatoes). I thought the bruises gave character.

The long-term benefits of “fad diets” are still up in question. Which brings me to the next point – stop looking at diets as a diet and look at a diet as a lifestyle change. Real, whole foods. Plain and simple.

According to, the Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Exercise at Virginia Tech, home lunches have far poorer nutritional content when compared to school lunches – that is unless of course you care about what goes in your child’s lunch. Not looked at in the study, the proportion of a school lunch plate that ends up in the trash. Come on, I never ate my steamed veggies either…

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