Catching up with the owner of Ready Set Crossfit on what Crossfit has that other’s don’t, the most important health and fitness principle, and staying healthy when you’re stuck with a schedule that has you traveling. We were fortunate enough to have the owner’s time, Brad Meyer and talk about what Crossfit has that other’s don’t, staying healthy while traveling, and his number one health and fitness principle.

Ready Set Crossfit

If you live in West Bloomfield, Michigan you might have noticed a new neighbor in town: Ready Set Crossfit. The new facility features over two thousand square feet of fitness flooring, private showers, a full kitchen, and room for the kids. We were fortunate enough to have the owner’s time, Brad Meyer and dive into his world of Crossfit, health, and fitness.

Has fitness always played such a huge role in your life? How did your passion for fitness get to be what it is today?

I found “Fitness” when I found CrossFit. Before that, I was your typical chest and tri’s, seven-day a week gym rat. There is no real “fitness” in that routine. When I found CrossFit and the fitness that comes with it, I watched my gains in the gym come faster than I could count. These gains were so addicting I wanted more. So naturally I looked at diet, mobility, supplementation, and anything else I needed to continue this trend. So really all things “fitness” came the day I found CrossFit. I can’t imagine living life any other way.

I know in your personal life, traveling for business is something you do a lot of – what are some ways you stay healthy while being out on the road?

I do travel a lot for work, which can get pretty frustrating at times. But it doesn’t need to be. I always make sure I get a workout in on DAY ONE. This immediately motivates me to stick with it during the rest of my trip. If a few days go by, the motivation to stick to a program drops drastically. When you’re traveling, you can ALWAYS do something. I will always try and drop in at a CrossFit gym if there is one nearby. CrossFit gyms love visitors and I have always been welcomed with open arms. I’ve actually made some friends I still talk to today after just working out with them randomly one time. If I can’t find a CrossFit gym, I can ALWAYS find some sort of local gym. As long as they have a squat rack and a barbell, I’m good to go.

You would be surprised how many little gyms have a squat rack and charge only $5 to use their facilities. You literally can do anything you want with a squat rack and a barbell. That’s all you need. Finally, If I’m limited on time, I work out in the hotel gym or my hotel room. My go-to workout is 100 burpees for time. Try it. It takes less than 10 minutes, kicks your ass, and works every single part of your body. As for food when I travel, I eat a lot of salads with some sort of protein (chicken, fish, etc). For dinner I try and find a place where I can get a chicken breast and vegetables. Some restaurants that come to mind are Chilis, Applebees, Texas get the idea. Don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions. You can pretty much get whatever you want at these places. And the price is reasonable. For snacks I stick to beef jerkey, nuts, and some protein bars if need be. I just try and make sure the protein bars aren’t loaded with sugar.

ready set crossfit west bloomfield MICrossfit versus traditional working out – what about Crossfit do you love and what does it have to offer that is missing from traditional gyms?

I’ll break this question down. What CrossFit offers that traditional gyms do not is:

a. Competition: All workouts are weighed, measured, timed, etc. So you compete against yourself every day. Furthermore, you work out next to other mmbers, which stews up a little friendly competition. Even if you’re not competitive by nature, you will still find yourself pushing a little harder than you would if you were alone. It’s this push that creates the intensity, and it’s the intensity that creates results.

b. Comradery: The second you walk into a CrossFit gym, you have fifty new friends. Every member at that gym becomes your friend to some degree. Many gyms are so close, they spend weekends and even holidays together. Tell me the last time that has ever happened at a traditional gym

c. Networking: ALL walks of life frequent your local CrossFit gym. Everyone is created equal when you walk in to the box. You could be working out next to a waiter, a doctor, a banker, a teacher, etc. The networking is amazing.

d. Accountability: As mentioned earlier, every workout is measured in some way. You can’t hide from your progress. The workouts are displayed on the board for everyone to see. This keeps you accountable to your numbers. The accountability ensures you lift the most weight or have the fastest time possible, since people are going to see. Also, recording your progress gives you a benchmark to hit or beat the next time the lift or workout comes around. And if you beat it, your better than you were before.

e. A Healthier Life: Day after day I see CrossFit change the lives of members and athletes. It’s not just a workout routine, it’s a portal into a healthier life overall. All of the sudden you’re not drinking as much on a Friday night because you want to work out Saturday morning. Or you skip the cake at the next birthday party because you know what it will do to your performance the next day. It touches all aspects of your life and health unlike any fitness routine I’ve experienced.

Crossfit now has thousands of affiliate gyms across the world with many having a different focus in fitness – what kind of fitness programs/classes does your club plan to focus on and offer?

ready set crossfit west bloomfield MI4. Our box is pretty typical to any other CrossFit box, although we tend to focus more on strength. We personally find getting stronger is the most fun part of the process! But it also translates better to the rest of the CrossFit-specific programming. The stronger you are, the easier it is to move heavier loads longer distances in shorter amounts of time. We also focus on keeping our box friendly to all ages and ability levels. Sometimes CrossFit can be a bit intimidating, but it really is an amazing program for literally anyone. We want anyone to feel welcome in our gym the second they walk through the door.5. My favorite CrossFit workout is “Grace” – Thirty Clean and Jerks at 135# as fast as you can. My favorite lift is the Snatch, or getting the bar from the ground to over your head as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Snatch is an exercise in mobility, strength, and explosive power. It’s a technical, but really fun and rewarding movement.

What’s your favorite overall workout and your number one nutrition/fitness principle?

My number one fitness principle is setting goals! If you don’t have any sort of goal, then what’s the point? The goal can literally be anything – “I will squat 400 pounds this year.” “I will go to the gym five days this week.” It’s not hard to do and it keeps you focused and motivated. It’s also VERY rewarding when you meet your goals, which lends to even more motivation.

What advice do you have to offer for someone new to Crossfit or trying it for the first time? What do you have to say to the naysayers?

If you are new to CrossFit, my suggestion would be to just walk in the door at your local box! That’s the hardest part. The gym owner, coaches, and members will take care of everything from there. Every workout and lift is scalable. So if you have an injury, a limitation, or fear, you can still participate and get everything out of the program. To the naysayers – I don’t listen or talk back. Everyone has their opinions, beliefs, thoughts, etc. No matter what you do, there will always be someone telling you otherwise. CrossFit may not be for everyone, but I’ve seen so much overwhelming success, I’m 100% confident in the CrossFit methodology for anyone looking to get in shape or live a healthier lifestyle.

If you ever happen to be in West Bloomfield, Michigan, please feel free to stop by Ready Set Crossfit. For more information check out their website or see their contact information below.

ready set crossfit west bloomfield MIBIO:

I spent my early years playing a variety of team sports. Baseball was my preferred, and I spent ten years playing the game. When I wasn’t playing baseball, I spent the majority of my free time riding and racing BMX bikes. As I grew older I found skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. All three I fell in love with, and spent as much time on a board as possible. In college, summers were spent in San Diego at the beach, and winters in Lake Tahoe on the snow. In high school I took a weightlifting class, which began my love of the gym and fitness. I was a gym rat from that time until about four years ago when I found CrossFit. The competitive spirit I still had from all the sports from years prior now had a place to flourish, and the progress I began making both physically and mentally was unlike anything I had experienced. Four years later I’m still making gains and progress like I never imagined. I have a CrossFit Level 1 and Olympic Weightlifting certification. I’ve also competed as an athlete at the Regional level. I have a goal for RSCF to be one of the best CrossFit gyms in Michigan, and will continue to dedicate myself to learn and grow as a coach, and offer the best product to our clients.

Contact Information:

Ready Set Crossfit
3160 Haggerty Rd Suite G
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