What it’s like to work in traditional medicine while having such a strong belief in disease prevention, why I started this site, and fitness and nutrition mantras I use in my personal life – and other things you might have never known about me.

Podcast On Paleocare

I was recently invited by the kind ladies who run Paleocare to be a part of their Paleocare Podcast. Paleocare is a website run by two fellow registered nurses that help provide information that stands as an alternative to traditional medicine with a focus on disease prevention through real foods with an emphasis on the Paleo Diet. Their site also offers a course to help people learn about how the body works and how the body functions the best from a real food based diet.

paleocare podcastThe ladies who run the site were kind enough to invite me to be a part of their Paleocare Podcast where I shared my story of educating others about fitness and nutrition. Among the other things I talked about was how I balance my life, why I started this site, and how this site helps to keep my life balanced by working with traditional medicine as an ER nurse – check out the podcast here.

Visit Paleocare

Thanks to the nurses, Chealsea and Katy who run Paleocare.