Time for the best and worst Health and Fitness News from the week. This weeks edition: the week’s best health and fitness deals, the recipe of the week featuring a kitchen sink salad and chicken with maple spiced sweet potatoes. Also, the health benefits of zinc, the top five natural ways to prevent cold, flu, and viral infections, two ways having a Vitamin-D deficiency can hurt you, the growing danger of tuberculosis, and much much more!!

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Blast from our past: The Health Benefits of Zinc.

Just starting out lifting weights? Eight beginner questions answered.

Some of the newest upcomming superfoods.

Five natural ways to prevent cold, flu, and other viral infections.

Pre-workout nutrition and supplementation: what works and what doesn’t.

Recipe of the week featuring a Paleo Kitchen Sink Salad and Chicken With Maple Spiced Sweet Potatoes.

The Best Health and Fitness Deals This Week

Valeo Deluxe Speed Rope, Black

The Best Health and Fitness News This Week

What you didn’t know about crab’s blood. “The FDA requires that IV drugs and any medical equipment that comes in contact with the body must first pass through crab’s blood.” Interesting…

There was a point where if you were to contract tuberculosis, the odds were near 100% that the disease could be easily treated with anti-TB drugs. Now that’s not so much the case. It’s also mostly a man-made problem caused by regular TB patients being given the wrong medications or patients not finishing their original treatments.

Is your child not a fan of milk – or maybe the issue is dairy itself? Lower levels of vitamin-D are found in children who non-cow’s milkhigh risk of death and poorer brain recovery if you are Vitamin-D deficient.

It’s no secret that drinking soda is one of the worst things you can do to your body. A recent study found that those who consume a regular consumption of soda or soda-like beverages have shorter telomeres – protective DNA that guards your chromosomes. The end result: faster cellular aging.

There’s nothing like going to get some physical activity that provokes your fight or flight response. One person’s story on how a routine surf session turned into him fighting off a shark.

The Worst Health and Fitness News This Week

I love when the government wastes money on useless studies. Case in point, the National Institute of Health states it doesn’t have any money to help develop an Ebola vaccine. But can spend $387,000 to study the effects of Sweedish massages on rabbits. Other monetary spending includes $331,000 to see if people would stab voodoo dolls when angry AND hungry at the same time, $171,000 to study the gambling effects of monkeys, and $371,026 to see if mothers love dogs more than their children. If you’re curious, monkeys “share our unfounded beliefs in winning and losing streaks.” Whatever that means…

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